Carlin Isles Runs 100m At A Lightning Speed; Hints About Still Being Interested In NFL

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Carlin Isles Runs 100m At A Lightning Speed; Hints About Still Being Interested In NFL

What if we tell you he’s one of the fastest men on the planet? Many would argue it is Usain Bolt, but he is indeed the fastest rugby player. Moreover, he has even beat Bolt’s record in 20 yards. Don’t believe us? We’ll we got proof!

Caption: Carlin Isles 100m sprint against Ireland's Amy Davis in Moscow in 2013.

Fastest Rugby player!

Carlin Isles is indeed one of the fastest humans on the planet. Moreover, according to the USA Sevens Rugby Instagram account, Carlin Isles is faster than legendary Usain Bolt at 20 yards as well as has run a 4.22 in the 40-yard dash. That simply makes him one of the fastest player in the world.

Putting his record in consideration, the fastest 40 time ever recorded at the NFL combine was that of Chris Johnson's 4.24 back in 2008. Above video means that Isles would be the fastest runner in NFL history.

Coming Back To NFL?

Caption: Career highlights of world's fastest rugby player!

American Rugby speedster Carlin Isles is considering one more run at the NFL, according to ESPN. Carlin Isles signed a futures contract with the Detroit Lions on December 26, 2013, after spending a brief period with Lion’s practice squad in 2013. But he walked away before even off-season workouts began to focus his concentration on rugby. Isles told ESPN:

“[The NFL] still lingers in my mind. But I don’t even know what I’m going to do. I plan on still doing maybe two more Olympics, still do track and maybe do football a little bit.”

Isles who is 26 years old is known as the world’s fastest rugby player. Isles also added that his brief foray into the NFL helped to crystallize his first major sports goal. He added:

“It just helped me, just my purpose, you know. Basically what I was meant to do and what was my real goal and what was I really chasing, what I was after. It just put things into perspective as far as purpose-wise in my life.”

Last season in 2016, Australian rugby player Jarryd Hayne played in altogether eight games for the San Francisco, rushing for 52 yards on 17 carries. Carlin Isles signed a two-year contract worth $930,000 in December of 2013 with the Detroit Lions which included an average annual salary of $465,000.