Is Chocolate Milk After Workout Good For You? The Must Know Pros & Cons Along With Nutritional Facts

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Is Chocolate Milk After Workout Good For You? The Must Know Pros & Cons Along With Nutritional Facts

In a survey carried out by the Innovation Center for U.S Dairy, they discovered that seven percent of American adults thought that chocolate milk is obtained from brown cows, which suggests that 17.3 million Americans came this far with that thought!

The milk is packed with nutrition but what about chocolate milk? We love chocolate milk, and it is too delicious to resist. If you can drink chocolate milk after an intense workout, then the feeling is like being in seventh heaven. But the question that roams around everybody's mind is- "Can you replace your post workout drink with chocolate milk?" 

Worry not, as we bring you the answer to the very question!

Chocolate Milk As A Workout Recovery Drink!

According to the latest article published in International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise and Metabolism, Chocolate milk is named as an optimal post workout drink.

Chocolate milk does contain carbohydrate and protein content that plain milk or many sports drinks provide, which is apt for replenishing the tired muscles.

Moreover, it contains high water content, that is perfect to hydrate the body again, replacing the fluid lost in the form of sweat. Similarly, the calcium, sodium and sugar content of the chocolate milk helps retain water and regain energy.

But before substituting chocolate milk with your regular drink, think as it is recommended for the athletes including cyclist, long distance runner or swimmers, who require a high level of calories, carbs, and protein to maintain their standard of performance.

Caption: Chocolate drink, a favorite of athletes as an energy booster post practice.

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The research on athletes drinking chocolate milk concluded that chocolate milk drinking athletes performed well or better than those athletes who drank other beverages.

However, like any other beverages, chocolate milk has its own pros and cons too. Let's take a look individually.

Pros Of Chocolate Milk:

1) The Nutritional Value:

Caption: Nutritional value of a chocolate milk available readily on the market.

Chocolate milk contains all the goodness of milk like calcium, protein, and vitamin D. In Addition to milk it contains sugar, but chocolate milk is the best option for kids who refuse to drink plain milk, as it makes both mom and child happy.

2) Chocolate Milk Tastes Amazing!

Caption: Chocolate milk a child's favorite and perfect solution for fussy kids.

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Kids, as well as grown ups, loves chocolate milk, and every mother who finds it difficult to make their children drink milk will agree that chocolate milk is best for such fussy kids.

Moreover, the studies have shown that substitution of chocolate milk instead of plain milk in schools, increased the consumption of milk.

3) Energy Booster And Recovery Drink:

Caption: The ultimate recovery drink after an exhaustion is chocolate milk.

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The studies have indicated that chocolate milk has a positive impact on muscles recovery after exhaustion. The fatigue reduces the glycogen reserves in our tissues, and chocolate milk replenishes that well.

So whenever you are physically exhausted and need quick refreshment, then drink a glass of yummy chocolate milk, as it will make you active.

Cons of Chocolate Milk:

1) High Sugar Content:

Caption: High sugar content in Chocolate milk stirred debate and was even banned in schools.

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The biggest criticism of chocolate milk is its high sugar content. Serving chocolate milk to children is discouraged, as the problem of obesity in children has become a big concern as they are at risk of being a diabetic later in their life.

Additionally, the sugar content in chocolate milk is responsible for affecting the metabolism, leading to obesity which indeed increases the sugar dependency and may result in hormonal problems.

2) Impact On Health:

Caption: Obesity is the common problem in children, and chocolate milk accelerates it.

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The hype of chocolate milk being healthy or non-healthy is determined by the how much calories one burn in a day.

For example, if a child has aspirations of becoming an athlete or plays outdoor sports regularly, then chocolate milk is considered healthy.

But if a child who does not play outdoor sports but loves computer games, and drinks few glasses of chocolate milk then it will become a big concern for the parents.

So decide yourself; if the chocolate milk you are serving thinking about the goodness of milk is good for your child’s health or not!

Chocolate milk has an image of high sugar drink in people’s mind, but it’s not as dangerous to drink as it is portrayed. A child’s favorite chocolate milk has a good part too, and like every other drink, if it is drunk in a limit, it would bring joy to sweet craving pallet along with health benefits. Also, if you crave chocolate milk then blast your fat and sweat in the gym and reward yourself with chocolate milk afterward.