A List Of Local and Federal Government Jobs! Know Their Benefits and Disadvantages To Find What Suits You

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A List Of Local and Federal Government Jobs! Know Their Benefits and Disadvantages To Find What Suits You. A government job is a government job regardless of where you serve; local, federal or state and alike every job has its own advantages as disadvantages. So here we bring you the advantages and disadvantages of doing a government job along with the list of top five highest paying government jobs.
A List Of Local and Federal Government Jobs! Know Their Benefits and Disadvantages To Find What Suits You

A government job is a government job, regardless of where you serve; local, federal or state.  Similar to every job, it has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.

So, today we bring forward to you, both the pros and cons of being indulged in a government job. Alongside, we will serve you guys with the list of top five, highest paying government jobs. So, without further ado, let’s get going.

Government Jobs:

Local and Federal Government jobs differ in responsibilities. The federal employees are found dealing with different issues along with the laws, impacting the entire nation, like national defense, foreign affairs, border security, and workplace safety.

On the other hand, the local employees work under the local governments created by state authority. They perform services within its jurisdiction, including country road maintenance, library services, and few others.

Advantages of Government Job:

The best thing about being a government job employee is that; it gives you stability, flexibility, and benefits.


Every employee seeks stability in their jobs.

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Unlike private sectors, the government never goes out of business. Although public offices many close or morph, they transform into something new, yet the jobs will always be persistent. Thus, government job promotes stability in regards to the job.


Workplace Flexibility has become an important aspect of the job in today's time.

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In the majority of positions, the workers can maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. Alternative work schedules and telecommuting are typical in the government office.

Kudos to the government organizations, they have begun providing facilities for the mobile workforce!


The situation of the employee of two different sectors during a recession.

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The benefit of government jobs always exceeds the advantages of the private sector. The government employees get better health care plans with lower cost along with favorable retirement plans.

Further, in the case of prolonged recession, the private sector’s benefit gets worse while the government’s benefit plans are still better.


A holiday brings joy to every employee!

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We all look forward to the holidays, and government staffs are the blessed ones. They enjoy the privilege of being granted many leaves in comparison with the employees of the private sector.

Furthermore, the government employees get to relish the federal holidays and at times even enjoy the additional holidays, which some state and local governments provide.

Disadvantages of Government Jobs:

Despite having a series of pros, there exist cons too. The worst thing about clinging on to the government jobs are; slow salary growth, limited earning potential, low level of controls and lazy co-workers.

Slow Salary Growth:

The wait for the salary growth is long!

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The salary growth rate of the government employees rarely accounts the inflation, and only a small percentage of top employees are given merit raises. If one wishes for the substantial increment in the salary; they require competing for the vacant positions that pay the higher salary. Thus, it's somehow not possible to upgrade the earning, while being in the same designation.

Limited earning potential:

The government jobs inflict limitation in earning potential.

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The executives working in the private sectors make more than the government executives. While the fat paychecks are the concern, one is compelled to think about working in a private sector.

Lazy co-worker:

The laziness of a coworker could make you feel lazy as well.

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The work environment and the co-worker's attribute contributes an impact on the performance of an employee who strives to do better and are driven.  But, there also exist employees who only do what they are asked to do.

Unfortunately, the poor performers are rarely coached and encouraged to do better, and they end up being fired for a cause.

Nevertheless, there are government jobs which pay well. So, let’s have a look at top 5 highest paying government jobs, based on the median base salary, they are offered.

A physician has secured the first position with a salary of $187,876.

Similarly, the Pharmacy manager takes second place as they earn $149, 064 per annum.

Likewise, the third position is secured by a patent attorney who enjoys's a median base salary of $139, 272.

The fourth place is taken by Medical science liaison as they are awarded a salary worth $132,842.

Finally, a pharmacist has been able to make it to the fifth position, securing a salary of $125,847.

Weigh the pros and cons of the government job and decides what is best for you, as only you have the ability to distinguish; if that serves you right or not. The job you take; be it, in any sector, governmental or non-governmental, affects your lifestyle but having said that one ought to do what you enjoy the most. A concluding factor is always your happiness, as it is the key. When you enjoy your work, it no more remains work; it's fun. So keep discovering new things; explore and exploit your potential!