Benefits & Side Effects of Drinking Lemon water

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Here's 15 Effective Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water...Side Effects Of Lemon Water....helps to clean the liver by flushing out the toxins... cheap method to cut on the excess fat in the...
Benefits & Side Effects of Drinking Lemon water

Native to South Asia, Lemon is among the highly used fruit that accompanies various delicacies we consume today. With a sour and citrusy taste, it is suitable to give a finishing touch in many dishes. After all, a little squeeze of lemon in a freshly served noodles or fish barbeque can never go wrong.

Also, during the scorching heat of the summer, a nice chilled glass of lemon water down the thirsty throat is pure bliss. Above all, lemon water is as simple to prepare as it is equivalent to boiling a jar of water.

Just squeeze a full lemon into chilled or warm water as per your taste then add in some mint or honey giving a stir. Then voila! Your lemon water is ready to be served.

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There are considerable benefits of lemon water, and interestingly, the advantages are very crucial. However, a lot of things in life come with some side effects, and Lemon is no exception.

So, let's dive into its benefits and side effects.

15 Effective Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

1. Not many people like the taste of water at all. As a result, many don't drink it as per the needed amount. As a result, there are chances of dehydration as the human body needs atleast 125 ounces of water a day. So, enhancing the flavor of water with lemon helps with increased consumption of water.

2. Drinking a warm lemon water every morning helps with maintaining pH balance- the level of acids and bases in the blood in your body.

3. Also, warm lemon juice helps in the process of digestion, which overall increases the metabolism rate in the body.

4. Lemon juice acts as a detoxifying agent and helps to clean the liver by flushing out the toxins. It even prevents respiratory tract infections.

5. It is rich in Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps protect cells from damaging free radicals. This vitamin also reduces lower blood pressure and stroke.

6. Polyphenol antioxidants that are found in lemons considerably increase weight loss. So, it is a cheap method to cut on the excess fat in the body.

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7. Lemon water helps fight common skin problems such as acne, rashes, and dark spots.

8. A warm glass of lemon juice can come in handy when you are feeling pain in joint and muscles.

9. Drinking a glass of lemon water every morning and after meals helps with problems of breath.

10. Citrate, an acid found in lemon makes the urine less acidic and can even help break up small stones. Thus, preventing kidney stones.

11. An element called potassium found in lemon is good for the brain and its nerve function.

12. Lemon water can help you fight viral infections such as a common cold.

13. If you want to cut off yourselves from the daily caffeine dependency, switching to hot lemon water can be beneficial, as it can instantly freshen you up.

14. Some research suggests that lemon has anti-tumor properties which can reduce the risk of cancer.

15. Furthermore, dental problems such as toothache and gingivitis can be prevented by drinking warm lemon water.

Side Effects Of Lemon Water

1. As per some research, drinking too much lemon water can cause tooth erosion, cavities due to lemon's acidic properties.

2. Citrus fruits such as lemon can trigger headaches or migraines.

3. Although Vitamin C is a necessary element, too much of it can cause nausea and vomiting. Also, its excess can lead to more than the required quantity of iron in the body that can harm internal organs.

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4. Lemon's can cause heartburn by activating pepsin- an enzyme in the stomach that breaks down proteins.

5. Moreover, if you have shallow sores in the mouth, it's best to avoid lemon water for a while as it will only worsen it and delay the healing time.

Hence, a person should drink only a required quantity of lemon water. So, drinking 120 ml of lemon juice is the recommended amount as per the professionals. As long as you are limiting yourself to this quantity, there's no need to have second thoughts about it.