Lawyer Turned Controversial Supreme Court Corespondent Shannon Bream

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Lawyer Turned Controversial Supreme Court Corespondent Shannon Bream

Shannon Bream is a confident journalist who works for the Fox News Channel. Throughout her career, she has been into many controversies. Still, she appreciates every last snippet of her work; from examining the assessment from Supreme Court to breaking the news live on TV.  

However, Shanon originally didn't pursue to be a television personality. In fact, she deviated her career interest later as a young woman on her early 30's.

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Then, she was not contented with where her profession was heading. She was a proud beauty queen: Miss Virginia (1990) and Miss Florida (1995 ) winner and held two degrees: a business degree from Liberty University and a law degree from the Florida State University, but was an unhappy lawyer.

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The dissatisfaction generated from disappointing lawyer profession led her to take a risk and quit her job.

Controversial Career Transformation:

She, however, found an internship and acquired a chance to work in television news channel.

The job she chose later was a result of her passion. She even didn’t hesitate to stop doing what she was best at and chose something that was less secure. She considers that particular phase as a mid-life crisis!

"I always had a passion for news, if not the guts to pursue it as a vocation. The longer I practiced law, the more I felt like a square peg jamming into a round hole. I like to say I had my mid-life crisis in my 20s and got it over with!

I had a serious discussion with my husband, people I knew in the media industry, and other trusted mentors. At the end of the day, I concluded it was riskier to have a lifetime of regret than to take a chance on something I believed I was meant to be doing"
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The profession of a supreme court correspondent, similar to a lawyer, itself is controversial, but that hasn’t ceased to stop her from being dedicated.

Shanon has never failed to recognize the fact that no matter how much one have worked, there will always be some room for improvement.