Steve Sailer Frequently Talks On Married Life, Wife, And Divorce Matters; But It's Not About His Own

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Steve Sailer Frequently Talks On Married Life, Wife, And Divorce Matters; But It's Not About His Own

American journalist Steve Sailer has created quite a stir with his articles, and in one of his writing, he highlighted the role of marriage gap in the election of 2012.

Although Sailer has talked about marriages on his blog, when it comes to his own, he prefers to keep it a low profile. Despite his low-key married life, Sailer has mentioned about his family in some of his posts.

Let's dive in and find out what he has revealed in his posts!

Steve Sailer’s Married Life:

Sailer (58) hasn’t revealed much about his family, but he has tweeted about them several times. His tweet shows that he is a happily married man and the chances of divorce seem to be at the least.

 Sailer uploaded a tweet mentioning his wife back in October 2012, where he mentioned,

Moreover, he tweeted about his wife's childhood thought this year in February as,

Going through Sailer's tweet, what caught the eye of the viewers is a post that included his son and his schoolmate.

Even though Steve has mentioned about his wife and a son in the name of their children, their identity remains a mystery till this date!

Steve Sailer’s Thought On President Trump:

In March 2016, Steve posted a column at Taki’s Magazine and questioned if President Trump is the American Hitler and further asked if a better analog for Trump would be of a foreign politician, who is far more popular with the American Republicans.

Later in August, Steve again published a column in the same magazine,’The Inarticulate Orater’ which said that Trump’s popularity was because of two reasons: First is how Trump frames his proposals on the extremism of the globalist ruling class and the second is his straightforward attitude.

Many believe that the reason behind Trump’s victory is ‘Sailer Strategy,' which included a proposal for the Republican candidates to appeal the working-class white workers by supporting economic protectionism, identity politics, and opposing to immigration. It was believed that the strategy successfully gained the support of the white American voters in the 2016 election.

Though the words of Steve has raised some controversies and some eyebrows as well, there is no denying in the fact that he is one of the most successful and influential writers in American politics and continues to create a stir with his thought-provoking ideas.

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