How Social Medias Are Changing Your Personal Life

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How Social Medias Are Changing Your Personal Life

Social medias are one of the most happening things of this generation. Be it Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, the virtual networking has helped us to be connected with each other and has brought the world to our fingertips; generating the idea that the world is a global village.

With these social networking sites becoming an integral part of our life, they have also brought the changes in various aspects of our lifestyle. As every coin has two sides, the entry of social media in our life have also brought both positive and negative effects. Here is a list of changes in our personal life brought to us by social medias.

1) Quick Access To Information:

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Gone are the days when there were few sources of information, and we had to wait for long hours to get a piece of news. With social networking sites like Twitter, getting the news of the world has become a task of a second because, in every few seconds, the media houses like CNN, BBC, Fox News, etc. are updating the information. Not only the global news but we can acquire the information about our favorite personalities like author, movie stars, television stars, and players.

2) The Selfies Trend:

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Today photography has expanded its horizon as we don’t have to rely only upon cameras. Mobile phones have come up with great picture resolution that has totally re-defined the idea of photography. To complement this, there are social medias like Instagram which is a very effective medium to share our photos with friends and family. Additionally, selfies have become the latest trend. It has become viral among people to take their photos with a duck face. But with selfies becoming the fashion now, people are also taking pictures in sensitive times like natural disaster. This shows that people are losing their judgments and are more interested in themselves than other even during the times when it calls for help and sympathy.

3) Changing Pattern In Education:

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These days, we don’t have to only depend on the class notes from teachers as the internet is full of educational information. Education has been simplified with the coming of social media like Youtube which contains helpful educational videos. So the trend of how we used to learn only through books and teachers have changed now. However there is also a downfall to look upon, and that is when students get hooked upon in various social medias doing texting, sharing photos; they are proving to be a major cause of distraction from the study.

4) Place Like A New Home:

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Social media is not only for information and entertainment these days because when someone is staying far away from their home, they have become an excellent platform to get connected with family members and are creating the virtual environment of a home; allowing them to feel that they are living in the same space.