The Bachelorette's Michael Nance Who Previously Suffered Addiction Dead At The Age Of 31

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The Bachelorette's Michael Nance Who Previously Suffered Addiction Dead At The Age Of 31

The celebrity death toll for 2017 just keeps on rising.

News has recently hit the media that Michael Nance, a reality-TV contestant who famously appeared on Emily Maynard's season of "The Bachelorette," is now dead at the tender age of 31.

Sources suggest that police were called to Nance's Texas home at around 2.10am to check on Nance as the man was not responding to anything. He was soon declared dead.

His death has sent shockwaves to plenty of his near and dear ones and the lady for whose love he battled before. Emily expressed her sadness in a tweet.

Her tweet says it all, Nance was a genuine man and was immensely talented, but had to leave the earth far too early.

Moreover, some other close friends of Nance paid some touching homage to the now deceased man over on social medias.

But what was the cause of his death? Till now, no revelations have been made regarding the cause of the death, and a medical examiner is said to be examining reasons of this travesty, and thus, we might need to stay tuned to know more about Nance's sad demise.

But while Michael appeared on the dating show five years ago, he was 26 and was open about how he had a dark past involving prescription painkillers abuse.

“Right now, life is good, but I haven’t put as much focus on my love life because the way I was a couple years ago, no one would have wanted to be around me,”

 “I was addicted to prescription pain medicine. It all starts out fun and then somewhere along the road, it just turned into something else. It’s a vicious cycle and it ate away at me for a long time.”

Moreover, sharing about him getting over the addiction, Michael added,

“I’m almost two years sober, now, and it’s not that easy — you have to completely change your way of living,”

 “But my life is really, really good today. … I’m happy and I’m content, but there are things missing in my life. I would like to find my soulmate.” 

Not only was he a good looking man, but he also was a skilled singer and songwriter and after he appeared on "The Bachelorette," he also starred in his music video for “The Heezy.”

Caption: Michael Nance: The Heezy. (Published on May 18, 2012)

Sad to know that the soulful and sensitive man now adds up to the list of celebs who died this year like Audioslave and Soundgarden's singer Chris Cornell and former MotoGP world champ, Nicky Hayden, and so on.

We pray to the Lord to provide his family and friends power to withstand this grief. 

Rest in Peace Michael!