Updates On Presidential Election : Trump and Clinton Giving final Presidential Pitch to Citizen!

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Updates On Presidential Election : Trump and Clinton Giving final Presidential Pitch to Citizen!

Nov 8, 2016 -  As the election day came closer, the campaigning program was taken more intensely and more swiftly by Trump along with Clinton addressing and acknowledging the different states of United States of America. Both the candidates have left no stone unturned to remain the voters their agenda and objectives to make the United States a better place to live.

The race began when both the candidates conducted a battleground in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Donald Trump began his final rally in Grand Rapids addressing the citizens. Having made the crowd wait for hours, Trump finally arrived and left in no mean time. Claire Phipps tweets on her Twitter account on 7th November 2016, regarding the sudden appearance and disappearance of Trump while addressing the crowd in Rapids.

While dealing with the crowd in Pennsylvania, Clinton assured the crowd to break down all the barriers on the economic front of voters. She also restored the faith of crowd by acknowledging America's future is in the safe hand and spoke to preserve the legacy of Micheal Obama in the next future years.

Caption: Hillary Clinton gave a final pitch in Pennsylvania on 7th November 2016.

Similarly, Donald Trump while making the final pitch to the New Hampshire, Donald strongly emphasized on the reduction of tax, strict border, and reduction in downpouring of drugs and on building a better education system with better regulations.

Caption: Donald Trump gave a final pitch to the voters in New Hampshire on 7th November 2016.

To add more sparks on the candidacy,  President Barack Obama, and Lady Michelle Obama gave the final campaign an extra blaze by speaking about his legacy in lifting Hillary Clinton in the Philadelphia in front of 330000 supporters while Donald accused Clinton of being the failure face of America. She posted the moment spent with the Present President and his lady.on 7th November 2016: 


Hilary Clinton addressed the crowd in Raleigh along with her husband, Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton. She spoke about  democracy, women rights, and worker rights on the final campaign day on 8th November 2016:

While on the other hand, Trump addressed the crowd in Michigan emphasizing on the Syria case and on the Mexico issue bu focusing on building the plants and a big wall border.

To boost the enzyme of his candidacy, Trump blazed his pitch by emphasizing on the tax system. He said:

“You have one magnificent chance to beat this corrupt, rigged system.”

Hilary took ablaze in her speech when she spoke in a diplomatic manner addressing the crowd to vote the right candidate on the basis of the country they want. She stated:

Trump wrapped his speech by asking the crowd to go to bed while Hilary ended with a note “ Let’s go vote” at around 1.10 am. He also posted tweets on his social networking site by encouraging the voters to vote the right candidate who is willing to change the policy and bring in new reforms.

As Clinton spoke about the rights of the women, she was seen supported by renowned celebs like Madonna and Lady Gaga promoting her campaign.  Madonna took over the Washington Square Park, NYC  and voiced for voting Clinton whereas Lady Gaga took over the stage in Raleigh with Lady Clinton. Lady Gaga tweets on 7th November 2016:

On the final pitch, Hilary ended her campaign by releasing the two minutes video in the youtube channel at the late hours on 7th November 2016.

Caption: Acknowledging America by final two minutes ad posted on 7th November 2016.

While Trump ending the last speech assured the Americans to bring back the jobs and security they had once lost along with the national wealth which had been taken away from the country. While interacting with the crowd in North Carolina, He said:

“We are going to bring back jobs that have been stolen from you. We’re going to bring back wealth taken from this country,”

In the early voting stage of United States, nearly 42 million of the citizens have cast their vote in the Presidential elections. Clinton was embraced with her first victory when she won in the tiny town of Dixie Town while the ballots near Millsfield gave a big win to Trump by 16 votes.

The states are eagerly waiting for their new president who would further make America a better place to live. Will the citizens have its First Lady President or will it embrace the new President as Donald Trump? The hot debate on candidacy is brewing, and the whole world is waiting for the America’s new president.