Imogen Anthony Posted Photo on Instagram of Her Childhood: Is That Really Her?

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Imogen Anthony Posted Photo on Instagram of Her Childhood: Is That Really Her?

Imogen Anthony, a formal Maxim model, has posted a photo of her back in her school days on 20th July 2016 through her Instagram account. Surprisingly, she looks miles different than the lady she has become now.

The 25-year lady patootie of Australian radio, along with TV sensation Kyle Sandilands, has posted a snap of her group at St Cath's Catholic College from the time she used to be only seven. In the nostalgic post, she has also added a caption:

“Life was so fun and carefree. I remember this day xx. Half a lifetime ago. Wow. Year 7 at St Cath's Catholic College. I was so cute with my pukka shell necklace.'

She further added, ‘I remember this day.'

 Imogen is seen at the center of the photograph with shell neckless around her neck and long earrings. She can be seen with short hair donning shorts.

Then and Now: Time Flies!

Well, this is an image of her after 18 years, and the picture speaks for itself. This topless picture is completely different than the one she snapped when she was 7 years old. Time flies quickly, doesn’t it?

Time and again, she has been posting mind-boggling images illustrating herself in different phases of life.

Few More from Childhoods!


Mummy & Me ???? #1995

A photo posted by I?O?E? ? ?N?H?N? (@imogen_anthony) on

Moreover, she also posted this image of her alongside her mother from 1995 on 16th of July, 2016. The caption of this picture was: “Mummy & Me”.

“This is a photo of me at my Mother's best friend's wedding when I was four! I was the flower girl and Granny made the dress for me (still have it)... I had also attempted to cut my own fringe not long beforehand. Mum found the hair stuffed behind the lounge cushion so I told her it was from the cat... Unfortunately, our cat wasn't brown, so my story never held up. My hair was past my bum until I was around 15 years old too”!

Struggle in sex life?

Imogen Anthony's boyfriend Kyle Sandilands likes to reveal the details of his sex life with a 26-year-old model girlfriend, Imogen Anthon. On an episode of The Kyle and Jackie O Show on 20th March 2017, KIIS FM the 45-year-old shock jock admitted that sometimes his beloved Imogen 'couldn't stand' him!  Kyle asked Speaking to Real Housewives of Sydney star Lisa Oldfield, ‘Sometimes you just can't stand the sight of him?'

Moreover, he went on to discuss his relationship with Imogen, likening Lisa's bickering relationship with her politician husband to his spats with Imogen.

'That's like Imogen. On the weekend, I'd been up for like six hours and I'm like 'Hey babe!' and she goes 'Don't start with your morning chirpiness with me!''

Moreover, Kyle then went on to say that his girlfriend fended him off by saying, ''I'm on my period and I'm not interested. And I thought, is this what love is?' to which Jackie O replied, 'No. That's what life is!'

Last month in February, Kyle also spoke about wanting to get his wild-child girlfriend Imogen accidentally pregnant.