Joanna Coles Announces to Leave Cosmopolitan Magazine on the Series Premiere of So Cosmo!

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Joanna Coles Announces to Leave Cosmopolitan Magazine on the Series Premiere of So Cosmo!

The Cosmopolitan Magazine former editor in chief Joanna Coles announces her resignation from the series of So Cosmo series which aired on Wednesday, i.e., on 7th February 2017.

Caption: Joanna Coles explodes the bomb of her leave from the So Cosmo show (2017). 

At the end of the episode of the series, Joanna Coles speaks about her being offered a role of the Chief content officer and reveals about quitting the show followed by the series of appreciation for all the staffs who had supported her for four years while working for the Cosmo, where she said:

"I can't think of another way to put this so I'm just going to tell everybody very directly. I'm leaving Cosmo. They've created a new role for me called chief content officer. So I'm going to basically vacate my office this afternoon and a new editor is going to move in."

The news made the other cast drop their jaws and left them confused and baffled. Another co-star, Leah Wyer from the series, reacted to the news as,

“"What the f--k is going on here?"

While working for the New York Fashion Week, the editor gave the few tips for the newcomers in the fashion industry where she said:

“If you want to look like you really belong at New York Fashion Week, don't wear your best outfit. This is not your wedding day,"

Joanna Coles acquired 7488, shares of Cosmo and earned the total sum of $110,866 from Snap. Joanna is currently working as the Content Writer for Hearst Magazine while the British-born editor is also the chief editor of Marie Claire and has also worked as the executive producer for the televisions series “Running Heels” followed by judge appearance in the “Project Runway: All Stars.” While Coles is also a part of the Board of Directors of Snap Chat and Women Entrepreneurs Of New York City.