Latest Update: Evan McMullin makes his Final Pitch, Claims He's not a Wasted Vote!

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Latest Update: Evan McMullin makes his Final Pitch, Claims He's not a Wasted Vote!

November 8, 2016 -  With the ongoing clash and debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump their fame has overshadowed the other candidates who proposed their name for the Presidential position. Similar is the case of Evan McMullin, whose candidacy is known to the American’s  but the world is completely unaware of his existence in the Election 2016.

Evan McMullin, the independent president candidate, made his final pitch of the campaign on Monday in Utah.  Mc Mullin before filling as the Indepent President had once served in the House Republican Conference as the  Chief Policy Director. His ballot is available only in 11 states whereas in 23 states he has stood as a write-in candidate.

McMullin posts tweets after the poll opens in Utah informing his supporters and lovers to vote for him till 8 pm and has even shown gratitude for the support during his entire campaigning period on 9th November 2016:

When giving his final pitch in Utah on 31st October 2016, he addressed the crowd stating that the one vote given by the voters shall not go to waste. He said:

“A wasted vote is a vote for someone who doesn't share your values, who has no respect for you, and who has done tremendous damage to our country already, That's a wasted vote."

McMullin addresses the crowd of Utah to cast a vote for the most eligible candidate as their vote will be playing a significant role in the election.

Caption: Third Party candidate Evan McMullin, an independent in  Utah on 31st October 2016.

Through his Twitter account he attacks Donald Trump by speaking on behalf of Utah on 31st October 2016:

Although the candidate has given a well-deserved reply for the votes cast, he has also spoken about why he is a better candidate for the Presidential position rather than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He stated Clinton to be the most corrupt candidate for the position while he termed Trump to be the divider of the country by racism and religion. While he stated himself to be the conservative personality who has knowledge about the country military, Syrian refugee issue, foreign policy and moreover the exact knowledge about what America exactly looks in the President.

To add more back up to his statement he termed Trump to be the most as a vulgarian, adultery, liar and a person who is completely outcasted from the knowledge and understanding of macroeconomics,  international trade, and foreign policy.

While he pointed Hillary to be the most conceited liar who constantly keeps herself before the country. He said all the recent issues and scandals involving email and servers that were obtained from Clinton mail server.

Though he has remained in the shades of Clinton and Trump he has never let that to be his weak point. He wants America to acknowledge the right candidate. Therefore, he has done his part of campaigning through all the means of social sites.

He added the candidates like Gary Johnson to be a  nonlibertarian and addressed the tax strategy introduced by Gary to be out the territory of libertarian.He said:

"Gary Johnson is not actually a libertarian.He has tax policies that are not libertarian, his stance on religious liberty is not libertarian."

Similarly, the famous celeb like Wanda Morris has spoken for Mc Mullion by posting Tweets on his Twitter on 29th October 2016, by stating he would want a safe land for his grandchildren.


To blaze the campaign of McMullin other leading and renowned people like Brandon Morse acknowledged his as the best candidate for the position posted on 27th September 2016.

With the most adamant statement, he claimed himself to be the right candidate and if he wins in Utah he would block the Trumps path towards White House. 

The hope doesn't end here for McMullin, if Hillary and Trump both fails to get 27 electoral votes the President shall be chosen by the House Of Representatives and he wins Utah, he would be one of the choices. We are eagerly waiting for the election result in Utah, is the big win for McMullin or Clinton or Trump?