Ex on The Beach US Season 2 On MTV, The "New" Cast & Spicy Drama

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Ex on The Beach US Season 2 On MTV, The "New" Cast & Spicy Drama

Following the massive success of Ex on the Beach's very first US installment, the MTV reality show featuring some of the most famous faces in reality TV made a return for its second season seven months later.

To those new to Ex on the Beach, MTV describes the premise of the said reality show as, “a group of famous singles heads to a tropical island for a chance at love — but paradise doesn’t last long when the stars’ former flames wash ashore to break up their proper time."

A promotional flyer featuring the cast for MTV's 2018 Ex on the Beach Season 2 (Photo:- imdb.com)

Premiered on 20th December 2018, the season 2 of the stated show sees romantically embattled celebrities - all single - from Teen Mom, Bad Girls Club, The Challenge, The Bachelorette & more as they decide whether to reignite a romance with their exes or move forward without them.

As per the cast of exes, it includes reality stars as well as professional athletes. Moreover, Romeo Miller is the show's designated host.

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Here, get acquainted with the season 2 cast members (both singles & exes) of the drama-filled MTV reality series Ex on the Beach!

Farrah Abraham (Single) and Simon Saran (Ex)

Farrah, who has made appearances on Teen Mom, Couples Therapy, Celebrity Big Brother and Marriage Boot Camp, is arguably the biggest name to take center stage on the 2018 edition of the mentioned show.

Farrah returns to reality tv as a cast member of Ex on the Beach following a stint as an adult entertainer (Photo:- eonline.com)

The 27-year-old Nebraska native has had a tough time connecting with her partners in the past. Will the stint at Ex on the Beach help her reconnect with her ex Simon Saran for good this time around?

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Chad Johnson (Single)

Like Farrah, Chad is also a familiar name in the reality TV realm. A serial dater by admission, he has appeared on numerous dating shows including The BacheloretteBachelor in ParadiseFamously Single, & Celebrity Big Brother.

Angela Babicz (Single) & Tor'i Brooks (Ex)

A couple in its first season, Ex on The Beach veterans Angela and her Babicz couldn't translate their chemistry "outside the house." Will the second go around be any help for the two?

Jozea Flores (Single)

Former The Challenge & Big Brother star will have a swipe at finding love at "the tropical island."

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Morgan Willett (Single)

The former Big Brother: Over the Top contestant is a bigtime heartbreaker. With the list of ex-boyfriends longer than the Nile, will her jump back into the dating pool prove fruitful?

Morgan begins the countdown as the season 2 premiere of MTV reality series approaches (Photo:- Morgan Willett's Instagram)

Cheyenne Parker (Single)

Moving from The Fire Island to the tropical island, how will he fair well with the rest of the co-stars?

Maya Branberry (Single) & Travis Kelce (Ex)

Going by Travis' recent Insta pics with his girlfriend Kayla Nicole, it will be interesting to see how the dynamics between him and his former girlfriend Maya Branberry plays out when he surprises her by injecting himself into her single life.

Corey Brooks (Single)

When the former Big Brother contestant's ex shows up on the island, will Corey Brooks be able to win over her heart or will he let the same flame burn him twice?

Nicole Ramos (Single)

Don't let Nicole's little girl act fool you into believing that she's a harmless being. She is famous for her appearance on The Challenge.

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Malcolm Drummer (Single) & Diandra (Ex)

The Are You the One? Participant has his hands full with a former co-star Diandra as well as current castmate Nuryus Mateo.

Malcolm & the rest of the Ex on the Beach cast attend the season 2 premiere together (Photo:- Malcolm Drummer's Instagram)

Janelle Shanks (Single)

Best known for her association with Bad Girls Club, Janelle's loyalty remains unmatched. Can she find someone on the island who can reciprocate her fierce love?

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Other exes on 2018 edition of Ex on the Bitch include Murray Swanby (What Happens at The Abbey), Cory Zwierzynski (What Happens at The Abbey), Jay Starrett (Survivor), Monte Massongill (Big Brother), JD Harmon, Sha Carrell, Darian Vandermark, Nate Sestok, Maddie Sullivan, Kareem Peterson, Perez Corothers, Rob Tini and Nelson Thomas.