Is Craig Sheffer Still A Cancer Victim? Never Got Married With Wife But Has A Daughter

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Is Craig Sheffer Still A Cancer Victim? Never Got Married With Wife But Has A Daughter

When an individual is diagnosed with cancer, the most difficult part is staying positive and motivated, as positivity gives an incredible strength to the patient to fight against the deadly disease, along with willpower to be cancer-free again.

Craig Sheffer was previously diagnosed with cancer, but today as a cancer free man, and is enjoying his life with his daughter. But how did he battle with cancer? Let's dig into the past to find out!

Craig Sheffer Remain a person living with Cancer?

American actor Craig Sheffer claimed to have diagnosed with cancer back in 1990 which eventually went into remission after shooting the movie “A River Runs Through It.”

He was indeed diagnosed with cancer after filming the movie "Nightbreed" in England. Following the diagnosis, Craig took time off for himself and traveled to Europe and India, then returned to shoot the film Silent Victim in 1991. In 1992, Craig delivered one of the most memorable performances in his career as “Norman Maclean” in the movie “A River Runs Through It.” Regarding the cancer diagnosis, many people speculated it to be just an excuse from the actor to get for time for himself. Whatever it might have been, it sure worked like a charm!

However, being a man of few words, he has not felt the necessity to comment on the reports about the speculations raised, along with the status of cancer this date.

Craig Sheffer Is Father Of A Daughter:

Craig Sheffer was once in a relationship with actress Gabriella Anwar. The couple met at a party back in 1988. Craig and Gabriella also share a daughter together, Willow Anwar who was born November 8, 1993. However, sharing a daughter could not stop them from breaking up, and ultimately the duo split in 1995.

Caption: Craig Sheffer with his ex-girlfriend Gabriella Anwar at the premiere of Wings of Courage in 1995 in New York City.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Craig Sheffer guards his personal life well, as their father-daughter relationship has not surfaced the media except few occasional appearances, where the adorable father-daughter were clicked on camera.

Back in 2004, Craig was spotted with his daughter Willow on the premier of "The Cinderella Story." Craig arrived with his daughter, Willow, dressed in the pink skirt, wrapping his arms lovingly around her.

Caption: Craig Sheffer with his daughter Willow Anwar at the premiere of "The Cinderella Story" in 2004.

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Similarly, Craig and his daughter were pictured once again during the screening of The Pursuit of Honour in Los Angles.

Caption: Craig Sheffer with his daughter Willow Anwar at the screening of The Pursuit of Honour in Los Angles

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Even after having a daughter and girlfriend, Craig has been speculated to be a gay, but it is just a rumor ignited by the men who want him to be a gay.

American actor Craig Sheffer made his acting career debut with the Television series One Life to Live in 1982. His career moved forward with performances in series Teen Wolf (1986-1987), but he is best known as Keith Scott from television series One Tree Hill (2003-2012).

His film credit includes "That Was Then… This Is Now", "Fire with Fire," "Baby Cakes," "Nightbreed" and "A River Runs Through It'. Moreover, his other movies include "The Mark," "Fire in the Sky," "Head Above Water," "The Program Bliss," "Hellraiser: Inferno," "Sleep With Me," and "Bad Ass." 

Craig who was once compelled to sleep under marble staircase; with his hard work, passion, and dedication has successfully accumulated a net worth of $ 1 Million.