About Us

Liverampup, in a nutshell, is a complete package for Hollywood enthusiasts!

Everybody fond of watching movies and TV series is aesthetically connected to the Hollywood industry, if not physically. Within that realm of countless actors, actresses, and entertainers,  everyone has their own choice of individuals, and they begin surfing the internet on a quest to find and know each and everything about their idol.

Well, that’s where we come in!

Our team of experienced content developers assists every enthusiast in keeping a tab of their favorite celebrities, personal life, career, and latest gossip that hits the market.

Since its initiation back in 2016, Livermpup has been delivering quality content related to Hollywood celebrities’ personal life and gossips and promises to continue doing it in the future as well.

We have an interesting team consisting of highly motivated individuals focused on delivering the best possible content at the fastest pace possible; because we believe that a story covered at the right time and the right way opens a whole new insight into the matter previously deemed to be normal.

We are Liverampup, and we just do not deliver content; we connect readers to their favorite celebrities.

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