'The Ed Schultz Show' Host's Dazzling Net Worth of $11.5 Million: Resides in Detroit Lakes

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'The Ed Schultz Show' Host's Dazzling Net Worth of $11.5 Million: Resides in Detroit Lakes

Ed Shultz is a very famous figure in the world of journalism. He is not just a radio host like you know of present but also used to be a television personality. A journalist talented in multiple sectors must have a staggering net worth. What are the salary and net worth of Ed Shultz? Also learn about the host’s house, a part of his earnings?

Ed Shultz as you know is a multi-talented man. He is mostly known for being a radio host, but he is also famous being a political commentator and sports broadcaster. He is a very accomplished journalist and has a staggering net worth and a splendid salary. He has an estimated net worth of 11.5 million dollars. His salary is unknown, but it must be a huge sum judging by his net worth.

A lawsuit was filed against him on May 2011 by Michael Queen demanding his share of 25% of Schultz’s salary for helping him develop his show, ‘The Ed Show.' The suit claimed Of Schultz owning Queen more than 100,000 dollars which can give us an idea of how large his salary amount might be.

Caption: An episode of 'The Ed Show' about Joe Biden

Ed Shultz has no other source of income than his job. He is best known for ‘The Ed Show’ a news commentary program on MSNBC. It released on April 1st, 2009 and ran until July 2015. Before this, he was a political commentator for many talk radio shows. He hosted ‘The Ed Schultz Show’ until 2014 which broadcasted over 100 stations; 7 of which were among the ten largest radio marketers. Before all these, he was also a sports broadcaster.

His Detroit Lakes Home:

He currently resides in his house in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. We cannot give much info on the house but about the time he had just started his half-hour podcasts, he had set up a state-of-the-art in-home studio provided by the MSNBC. He has made it possible to broadcast from the comforts of his lake home in Minnesota.

Caption: A home transmission of Ed Schultz on August 10, 2016.

As per his ready-made studio that allows him to perform no extra activities does feature some sceneries of his home. For instance, a background consisted of a large high-definition television screen and the another day it featured a view of the lake behind Ed’s home, complete with ice fishing houses.

Ed Shultz's Short Bio:

Ed Shultz was born on January 27, 1954, in Norfolk, Virginia, US. He attended the Larchmont Elementary School, then Blair Junior High, and in 1972 graduated from Maury High School. He moved to Minnesota where he received a scholarship to play football for the Minnesota State University.

Schultz has hosted a nationally syndicated podcast, "Ed Schultz News and Commentary", since 2015. Recently in 2016, he has also hosted a nightly television show, News with Ed Schultz on RT America, a cable news channel funded by the Russian government.