Why Did Leo Laporte Get Divorced With His Wife? Laporte's Married Life Secrets Revealed!

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Why Did Leo Laporte Get Divorced With His Wife? Laporte's Married Life Secrets Revealed!

Leo Laporte, as we know is a marvelous American technology broadcaster who also bagged an Emmy Award during his career, but we know him better as the 'Tech Guy' for his comprehensive information on technology. However, the Tech Guy got a divorce with his wife and revealed it to the media and the news rose as a controversy and made the headlines. Let's know about it more thoroughly. 

In 2011, Leo’s podcast took a new turn when some of his private, sensual conversations were revealed. It would not have made such news if it was with his wife Jennifer but unfortunately for Leo, it was not the woman he was married. It turned out that the popular Tech Guy was having an affair with his CEO Lisa Kentzell.

Leo Laporte unintentionally included his explicit romantic conversation with TWiT.tv CEO Lisa Kentzell to millions of people online through his podcast. The conversation started with Leo saying,

“Come over. I’m naked in bed. Waiting for you. The door is open.”

Three hours later Kentzell replied with a short saying,

“I love you”,

and Laporte said,

“I still smell and taste you. I adore you.”

Caption: Leo Laporte with Liza Kentzell at the TWiT.tv studio (2012).

Photo Credit: TWiT.tv

As the news spread like a wildfire on the internet as Gawker reported it, Leo responded to it and revealed that he and his wife Jennifer were no longer together and he also did not hesitate to deny his relationship with Kentzell. He said on Twitter,

He further responded after two fans Tweeted him, he angrily replied,

While the news was flying its way around, the internet was still out-dated as his bio shows that he is married to Jennifer and has two children, daughter Abby Laporte and son Henry Laporte with her. The 59 years old hasn't revealed anything on his own as it has already been a year of his separation with Jennifer.

Right now, it is not sure what Leo is doing but he certainly is enjoying his net worth of $5 million with his wife whose identity has not been divulged yet but Leo mentions her in some of his recent tweets and that gives us an idea that he is a married man right now.