Is Luke Kleintank Dating? Has A Girlfriend Or Is He A Gay Man?

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Is Luke Kleintank Dating? Has A Girlfriend Or Is He A Gay Man?

"The Man in the High Castle" star Luke Kleintank has been able to cement a firm place in the industry with his hard work and dedication. He has earned a fair share of recognition and fame, and we can say he is a successful person when it comes to his career. But is this man equally successful person in his dating life as well? Does he have a girlfriend or is he on the gay side? Let us find out!

Has A Girlfriend In Life Or Is He Rather A Gay?

Luke is a good looking person, and he undoubtedly has attracted a lot of ladies in his life. But does this man have someone in his life in a romantic fashion? 

Luke has not revealed much regarding his love life and him having a girlfriend, but there are always the rumors linking him and his co-star in "The Man in the High Castle," Alexa Davalos. The two share a great chemistry, and even when they are off the screen, the two seem to enjoy each other's company as some social posts of Luke suggest.


Joeliana!!! The man in the high castle. @alexakdavalos @highcastleamazon @amazonvideo

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They do possess the romantic essence present in a love relationship, and that has often been the basis of people speculating on their connection.

A curious tweet from this fan shall help us shed more light on that.

But the two are yet to confirm whether or not they are dating one another.

The two also share a great mutual admiration for one another and more of this can be explained by the help of the video below.

Caption: Alexa Davalos & Luke Kleintank in an interview of THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE s2 (Published on Dec 20, 2016)

In the video, most of the talks are related to the things that have resonated with audiences in such manner about the show,

Not only do they have the respect and admiration factor between them, but they also have had the same discomfort while shooting for the series. In an interview, when Luke was asked if he felt sick while shooting such scenes, he answered,

“There are some things that I had to do in this series that made me very [nauseous].

“I had to sit down, I really had to sit down and separate myself for a second because it was hard.”

Similarly, Alexa, who believes that the series is probably one of the most frightening shows on television, said,

“First of all it’s possible that this could have happened, and that alone is very shocking,” 

Alexa also added,

“There is something familiar about it because we feel like it’s a period piece. We feel like it's something we know and we understand and yet everything suddenly is so different from everything and the comfort zone isn’t there.”

Furthermore, he has often been termed a gay as he has not presented a female partner in front of the media. He is yet to address these rumors, and that is why we can't reach any major conclusion just that easily but if the rumors involving him and Alexa are true, then the gay rumors are shut for good. 

So let us expect the actor comes forth and reveals any crucial information about his love life and his sexuality!

A Short Wiki-Like Bio of Luke Kleintank:

Born on May 18, 1990, in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, Luke Kleintank is an American actor who is best known for his roles as Noah Newman on "The Young and the Restless", Elliot Leichter on "Gossip Girl", Joe Blake in "The Man in the High Castle" and Finn Abernathy on "Bones".

As per reports, it was his mother who introduced him to acting when he was 5, and by that, we can say that he knew what is takes to succeed in the industry at a very young age.

Also, speaking of his family, he does seem to be quite the family man as his social posts often depict.

This post from his sister's wedding is adorable.


My big sisters wedding last night was a blast!!! #brothers #uncles

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Also, he cites his mother and father as his prime inspirations.


Mom & Dad. Two most influential people in my life! #love #family #photooftheday #capture #moment

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Apparently, the man seems to love his family a whole lot. 

Furthermore, the success he has earned in his career has also resulted in him making a healthy amount of money in his life. But still, he has not provided any official statement on his net worth.

Stay with us for the latest updates on Luke Kleintank!