Is Michael Parr Back With Girlfriend After Being Cheated? Or Is He Single And Gay?

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Is Michael Parr Back With Girlfriend After Being Cheated? Or Is He Single And Gay?

Heartbreak is always a devastating situation for those who have faced the situation of infidelity in their relationship. Things get harder when the relationship gets publicized and unfortunately faces the situation of break up boiling more scandals.

Actor Michael Parr had faced the similar situation of being back stabbed but has he revived his dating spree back or is he lingering around with the title of singularity? Well, with so much of concern from his followers we bring in the present relationship status and the sexual orientation carried on by Michael.

Cheated once, moved on with a fresh beginning or single?

In the year 2013, Michael hooked up with his co-star Isabel Hodgins from the show Emmerdale. The definitive version of their relationship never got to be disclosed so the co-star might have eventually rocketed their relationship while working on the show, but before publicizing the relationship with Isabel, Michael had started to give a hint about his woman through social media.

The relationship was sailing on a smoothly when in the mid of 2016, the story of Isabel’s infidelity flashed out in the press. As stated by the, Perry got betrayed by his partner Isabel for co-star Danny Miller from the same show. The story came to light after Hollyoaks’ Kirsty-Leigh Porter; Danny’s girlfriend caught the shared messages between Miller and Isabel.

Both the star never confronted about their act, but the inside source of the stars revealed;

"Isabel and Danny thought they could keep their romance secret, but when Kirsty-Leigh saw the texts on his phone, the game was up. She was furious. She felt hurt and betrayed. Michael was also angry. He thought he and Danny were close friends. The tension between them caused major problems on set because Michael made it crystal clear he didn’t want to be around Danny.”

Right after the incident, Micheal got spotted lashing Danny through sarcastic tweets,

His lovers and fan followers showed concern and love towards the actor as well.

The issue had created an intense between all the four co-stars of Emmerdale, while to ease the rumor and stories, Isabel had posted a cozy picture of her and Perry on her Instagram account.


Ross Barton ladies and gents @mikeparr226

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On the other hand, Micheal’s Instagram shared a different version of the story as he had removed all the pictures of him and Isabel but shared random pictures with several girls.


Lady and the tramp.

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After two months of the incidence, Michael was seen sharing few dating tips for the couples. The tweets showcased his furiousness and devastation.

Well having struck with infidelity once, the actor may not dare to date a woman again, but that would not allow him to change his sexual preference. Though he is seen supporting his gay fans, he is not gay.

For few years he might take a gap from the relationship gay and emphasize on his career and health. At present, he is probably single and living a life in a full spree with his colleagues.


Absolute belter of a day catching you with these two.

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The handsome actor is unmarried and has no children from his previous relationship. Maybe in the few years, he will leave his past behind and regain his dating spree, or maybe he will wait for the right person to settle in instead of going through huge heart breaks. So, Michael stay strong, active and high till then!