Is Rupert Evans Secretly Married? Every Bit He Has Ever Revealed About Dating And Girlfriend

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Is Rupert Evans Secretly Married? Every Bit He Has Ever Revealed About Dating And Girlfriend

With the rise in fame, the celebrities’ life becomes a public issue, and their fans wish to know every detail of their personal life. However, some celebrities prefer keeping their life under a tight guard, maintaining the privacy.

Actor Rupert Evan belongs to the same category as he has successfully managed a strong guard over his personal life. However, in one of the rare occasion, he revealed about his dating life with a girlfriend. So who is his girlfriend? And what did he reveal about his dating life? Did he marry his girlfriend and turn her into a wife? Let’s find out.

Is Rupert Evans A Married Man?

At some point in life, everyone thinks of getting married and experiencing a married life with a wife. Being a man of few words, Rupert Evans has not revealed anything regarding his marital status, and even the news of his married life with a wife has not surfaced in the media. Hence, suspense hovers over the conjugal life of Rupert, and it remains a safely guarded secret till date.

However, during an interview back in February 2014, Rupert mentioned about his girlfriend during the conversation about computer games. If you are wondering, is there is any connection between computer games and his girlfriend?

Well, there is indeed a connection, as it gave an insight into the dating life of Rupert with his girlfriend. While sharing Rupert's all-time favorite computer game, Rupert mentioned his girlfriend’s reaction when he plays the game. Rupert divulged,

"I got addicted to Tiger Woods Golf. I'd be up till 3am every night and it ruined my life, so I had to go cold turkey and give them up. But I do have a chess app and I play against two or three friends. I get obsessed with that too. My girlfriend goes mental if she hears the noise of me moving a piece. I put my phone on silent so she doesn't know what I'm up to. It's my dirty secret."

However, in the interview, Rupert only mentioned his girlfriend, without revealing her name.

However, back in 2004, Rupert was spotted with actress Lyndsey Marshal, who was reportedly his girlfriend. The couple attended the Los Angeles premiere of Rupert’s movie “Hellboy” on March 30, 2004.

Caption: Rupert Evans spotted with actress Lyndsey Marshal at the premiere of Hellboy in 2004.

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Without a dating history to defend the gay rumors, Rupert’s is often conjectured to belong to the gay side of sexuality. However, the answers to these question lie within Rupert, as he has not come forward to give a statement on the ongoing rumors.

Rupert portrays the lead character of “Frank Frink” in the Amazon series “The Man in the High Castle.” The series is one of the most viewed television series since it appeared in 2015 and its second season premiered on December 16, 2016. During an interview, Rupert talked about his upcoming season of television series “The Man in the High Castle” along with his co-stars Luke Kleintank and Bela Heathcote, in July 2016.

Caption: Rupert Evans along with his “The Man in the High Castle” co-stars Luke Kleintank and Bela Heathcote, in July 2016.

Rupert Evans has maintained privacy is his life. However, the hope of sharing the details of his personal life in future remains alive in the heart of his fans.

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