Did Tomasz Schafernaker Raise Problems After Posing For Gay Magazine? Has Boyfriend In Secret?

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Did Tomasz Schafernaker Raise Problems After Posing For Gay Magazine? Has Boyfriend In Secret?

Sexuality change has just been the usual thing in the industry. Celebs don’t think twice to come out openly about their sexuality change. That’s one’s right and choice which they will be making.

But what’s with the Polish-British Meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker? After the TV presenter posed for the magazine, rumors circulated about him being a gay. But is that the reality of Tomasz Schafernaker? Amid by the rumors of being gay and some problems alongside, let’s take a glance on that very topic whether he has a partner or not, in our story today.

Tomasz Imposed Physique On A Magazine But Is He A Gay Man? 

The hunky Countryfile weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker hit the headlines after he posed in skimpy shorts back in early 2010 for “Attitude Active” magazine.

The 38 years old presenter came out with the avatar in which no one has ever seen him before. He showed the well-toned physique in the shorts, revealing his smoking hot looks.

Caption: With skimpy shorts, Tomasz Schafernaker posed for a magazine which left people stunned. (2010)

Photo Credit: dailymai.co.uk

The total makeover of the TV personality left many stunned and the corporation boss in total shock. The corporation's insider told that was a question of 'minor hot water' for not informing the organization regarding the cover page of the magazine. The source said,

“Eyebrows were raised big time. You have to look to see that it is him. The boy was transformed into a swan.”

The magazine features both gay and straight man. But people didn’t miss a chance to speculate him as a gay. Is he a straight man or gay? Does he have a girlfriend or a boyfriend? Well, Tomasz is yet to reveal any information regarding the matter. As of now, he is not in a dating runaway and also not a married man, so far.

Tomasz started his keen interest in meteorology from the very young age and joined BBC in 2000. He became the youngest presenter of regional BBC making his first go at the very age of 22. He gained more experience by working at the Met Office's regional weather center as a civil weather forecaster in London.