Is Zuleikha Robinson Not Married Because She Does Not Fancies A Boyfriend? Where Is She Now?

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Is Zuleikha Robinson Not Married Because She Does Not Fancies A Boyfriend? Where Is She Now?

Many people live with the commitment to stay away from the dating life with the overview to save their heart from being shattered and to only share their heart with the perfect man after their arrival. Actress Zuleikha Robinson might have the similar theory behind her singularity, or she may have got involved in dating a mysterious man whom she is in no mood to share in the limelight.

Today, we shall uncover the anonymity of Zuleikha’s non-interest in dating along with her current whereabouts.

Lack Of Interest In Boyfriend, Is She Lesbian?

Though in the series of “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland” (2013), Zuleikha Robinson(Amara) had an intense love story with her co-star Naveen Andrews (Jaffar). But in real life, she seemed to be completely uninterested to get hooked with her co-star despite the fan followers loved their screen pair.


Caption: Zuleikha Robinson engrossed with Naveen Andrews in "Once Upon A Time In Wonderland"(2013). 

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Though Zuleikha has not confirmed anything about her past dating history but on an interview with a source regarding getting involved in the show of "Homeland," Robbinson spoke about her broken relationship whose extended details was kept in shadow. She said:

"I hadn't worked in a little while, and I had just recently come out of a relationship. It was my first audition after that. It was my favorite show. I was excited, but at the same time, I knew that a part of me wasn't ready. I went in, I put myself on tape, and I left feeling devastated because it just wasn't quite where I wanted to be. But then, miraculously, three weeks later, I get a call from the producers saying that they really want to bring me back again, they loved what I did. What? So then I went in, and I met the producers, and of course, I had so much more time to prepare. I nailed it."


 After the break- up confirmation, she posted numerous pictures with her girlfriend claiming her to be her girl.

Further,  Zuleikha had uploaded a picture with the director and producer Mister Tommy enjoying a quality time together.


Besides that one picture, no other picture got identified so she may or may not be lesbian. However, while scrolling through her social media, she has retweeted numerous posted several relationships tweets.

Neither any details regarding her failed relationship got obtained nor about her present dating life while she is reported to be possibly single. However, there is a likelihood for the actress to be secretly married and possessing a husband but to retain her fan followers and charm in her profession may be she has tucked in fact.

No Boyfriend Or Husband, Where Is She Now?

After getting nominated for the Screen Actor Guilds Award for the outstanding performance in the series of “Homeland” in 2013, Zuleikha has worked in several series and movies

Caption: Zuleikha in an interview speaks about her nomination excitement for her character, at Guild Award (2013). 

Despite a failed relationship, Zuleikha never looked back instead she gave best in several movies and series like The Mentalist, Covert Affairs, Intelligence, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Kingdom, and The Following. While she is currently dedicatedly in her career and working on series like Still Star-Crossed as Lady Capulet, Once Upon a Time as Amara and American Fable as Vera, we shall still get to see her acting skills in her television series even in 2017.

Thus, Zuleikha is still working dedicatedly towards her career so, even in 2017, we shall still get to see her acting skills in her television series.