Actor John Karna's Dating: Unlucky in Girlfriend Department

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Actor John Karna's Dating: Unlucky in Girlfriend Department

To charm the audience and have an impact on the big screen is no joke; it needs a lot of skill and dedication. And it is a common fact that when someone is an actor and is really charming, he will have a lot of female followers and will end up having a beautiful girlfriend, but it has not happened with actor John Karna as he is still in search of his lady love.

Considered as one of the ten biggest breakout stars of 2014 SXSW  by Indiewire, John has an endeavouring career in his upcoming future. John had started his career at a very young age and since then has gained a lot of attention and is liked by lots of people as well.

Girlfriend and Dating Life?

Having good looks and acting skills is not enough to have a good decent girl for dating. Same goes to John, as he is incredibly talented and has good look’s  as well but this has not helped him to have a girlfriend life so far. However John is seen very much comfortable with his co-star; mostly girls, as we can see him posting sweet birthday post through his Twitter to his closer actress Bex Taylor.

And to the reply to his post his close co-actress responded to him through her Twitter by thanking him for her sweet words.

Both John and Bex are working together and share a good relation as they are friendly and are also seen having many pictures together. It is not official that John has a girlfriend, but with his closeness, to his co-actress we doubt something is cooking between them and we hope we get the good news soon.

But having said that there were rumours about Bex Taylor-Klaus' Ambiguous Sexual Orientation we hope they may only be friends. As of now, we hope John is focused on his career and is not interested in having a serious relationship.

Suspicions are, however, on the way with a single picture on John's Instagram where Bex is hugging John from the behind and the photo has a caption 'My favs' with a smiley and a little heart. Things like is actually is normal is a close friendship but it is still a topic of questioning. 


My favs????

A photo posted by John Karna???? (@johnnykarn) on

They seem to be close but the fact that if they are just friends or are something more than this is perhaps a mystery as they keep posting pictures like this but do not take the liberty to clear things out. This s off-topic but if you are looking for John's Snapchat username then it's Johhny_Karn. Thank us later!

Interview on his New Series "Scream: season 2":

John now will be seen in a horror series of MTV Scream season 2 which was on aired on July 19, 2016, and John character is worth to be watched. In fact, in an interview given to on 2015 John had talked about his audition process for Scream, John said:

I auditioned for it last summer. I think sometime around May.It was interesting because I think I heard that they went through like a thousand kids or something. Apparently, the audition process was just insane and they saw so many people.I actually didn’t hear anything back fro like months and I thought I didn’t get is" he laughed". I started like moving on to other things and then I hear back much later. They were like “actually we wanted to test you for the part”, and I was like oh that’s awesome!” Ever since then, getting the role felt like a really amazing gift. I’m very lucky to be able to do this.

Caption: Scream, The TV Series | Official Season 2 Trailer (2016) | MTV

John even took to his Twitter to make his fan watch his brand new episode of his show ON MEMORIAL DAY:

John Karna's Short Bio:

John Karna was born on November 18, 1992, and is a Houston native. He is an American actor by profession. John went to the University of Oklahoma for two years with an emphasis in a musical theater he came into acting into films and TVs shows.

In his short duration in the film industry, he has made big names and is best known for known for Scream: The TV Series(2015-present), Bindlestiffs (2012) and Premature (2014). John was loved by his fan and fell in love with his character from Scream which is series based on horror and thriller drama. His new movie Sugar Mountain is in post-production.