Beautiful Actress Kim Dickens: Is She Married? Who is Her Husband? Lesbian Rumors!

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Beautiful Actress Kim Dickens: Is She Married? Who is Her Husband? Lesbian Rumors!

American actress Kim Dickens, known for the role of “Detective Rhonda Boney” in the movie “Gone Girl,” has added another layer of fans in her well to do list. Her fans are eager to know about her marital status, her sexual orientation and about her mystery married life.

So, we are investigating a little bit on her personal life and putting up with her fans and followers.

Love With Same-Sex Or Married With Husband? 

Being beautiful and being single is not a crime but it gives one the wrong interpretation regarding their sexual preference. However, the actress is not single. As posted by Who Dated, she is reported to be dating Jill Sobule, an American Musician since the year 2008.

Kim Dickens and Jill Sobule together in an event 2015 (Photo:

Even though information about their dating has not made any limelight but they seem to have worked together for a project. As posted by on 25th April 2011, Kim had merged with Jill Sobule to record The Pjork Theme Song. 

She said:

"Some friends and I did this sort of mock band and wrote mock songs. They’re all really dirty. Eliza Coupe and I came up with a band together with Jill Sobule and some other friends. We recorded these songs and they were awesome. We had a website, but we just never got around to releasing the songs. We just got other jobs."

However, no proper evidence of them dating has hit the limelight so this may be a rumor or just a fling. But as the lady has not spoken about it this might simply be a rumor to prove she is lesbian, while the musician Jill has not revealed any details about her current dating scenario along with her marital status.

While talking about her marriage life, the lady got married to Alexandra Rockwell in the year 1986, looks like the wedding did not turn out well, and hence the duo moved on in their direction dropping the ten years of the marriage. But, the cupid again struck the lady, she again found her love and got married to the Canadian-based entrepreneur Ken Dixon.

Thus, the actress is married to Ken Dixon, but no information about the existence of their marriage is available. She may be divorced or enjoying her happily married life with her husband. 

The question about her sexual preference is straight as her past records denote that she is not interested in a female. She may even be dating new men or having a secret life with her boyfriend.

Series Of Motherhood?

Hmmm, yes!

Your favorite actress has entered into the beautiful bond of a mother. As posted by, the beautiful actress gave birth to a daughter in the year 2000. The actress and her husband Ken Dixon is said to be the biological parents of the child.

But, besides the information, not a single picture of her baby girl is found in any of the online portals. Well, it's already 2016, so her girl must have already attained the age of 16yrs and maybe even having ravishing features like her mother.

Kim Dickens with little girl spending a quality time in 2015 (Photo:

What we can assume is she is enjoying her life with her daughter and her husband. She may be even polishing her daughter to launch in the Hollywood stream or is planning to make her an entrepreneur like her father. 

So, fans and followers must wait for her to disclose information about her daughter along with her husband if she ever faces an interview in any of the talk show or during any press conference.

Kim Dickens's Short Bio:

Kim Dickens was born on 18th June 1965, in  Huntsville, Alabama to father Justin Dickens and mother Pam (Clark) Howell.  Kim got her education from Lee High School and graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, majoring in Bachelor of Arts in communication. 

Before entering into the line of acting, she worked as a waitress and graduated from American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

 In the year 1990, she made her first stage debut in the production of  David Mamet's Sexual Perversity in Chicago.

Kim came into recognization and had her fame after she played the supporting roles in the comedy movie Palookaville and later got the lead role in many movies like Truth or Consequences, N.M. (1997) and Mercury Rising (both 1998).

Kim is said to have an estimated net worth of $2 million. She had this astonishing net worth through her acting career. 

She is currently working on the project Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children portraying the character of Mrs. Portman, and in the television series she is working House of Cards and Fear the Walking Dead.