Al Madrigal Takes Wife As A Source For Comedy! Too Busy To Reveal Personal Life Because of Stand Up Tours?

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Al Madrigal Takes Wife As A Source For Comedy! Too Busy To Reveal Personal Life Because of Stand Up Tours?

Comedy is one of the most difficult art forms, as one needs to be humorous enough to make someone laugh. However, the script to their stand-up bit plays a vital role in the Comedian's life.

Keeping the stand-up comedy alive is the famous comedian Al Madrigal, who makes everybody laugh with his amazing stand-up talents.

Al Madrigal takes his wife as a source for the comedy, but what more does he share about his wife? Is he too busy to reveal his personal life due to upcoming tours? Let’s find out.

Al Madrigal’s Wife- A Source For The Comedy:

During a stand-up comedy show, Al Madrigal acknowledged his wife, Krystyn Madrigal, as the source of the script and shared the pitfalls of living with a woman of 8 and half months pregnant. Further, he shared “what happens after your wife delivers two babies?” That too, in a humorous way.

Is comedy a funny way of being serious? Watch the video to know the answer.

Caption: Unlike others, even the way a comedian complaints is funny. (Published on January 28, 2013.)

In a recent interview with Collider, on being asked to consider having a filter on his mouth so as to not being honest all the time; Al Madrigal replied mentioning about his wife, Krystyn Madrigal, and shared what happens when he is with other dads, in his kids’ school.

Being a comic ruins you for normal conversations. I have a very difficult time talking to dads at my kids’ school. Even with other comics, I’ll get in trouble because I’ll make fun of other comics without realizing that they’re sensitive. I feel like everybody should be able to take it. My wife is just appalled, constantly. It is a problem. You grow up around the funniest people saying some of the most horrific things that could ever possibly come out of somebody’s mouth in conversation, and then you forget that you’re standing there with the assistant principal of your kid’s school when you’re saying something just as bad.

Although he constantly keeps mentioning about his wife; the details of their first meeting, courtship, and romance are yet to be disclosed. 

However, in one rare occasion back on May 2012, Al Madrigal proudly flaunted his wife Krystyn Madrigal's Jam making skills through Instagram along with a funny caption. 


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Furthermore, in an interview with Team Coco back in 2015, he shared things about his children, son(14) and daughter(11).

'Once a comedian, always a comedian,' fits perfectly on Al Madrigal, as he shared instances of his children and created laughter out of that too.

Caption: Al Madrigal spills few bean about his children in a humorous way. Published on August 27, 2015.

Al Madrigal has revealed least about his personal life, and it seems that he is too busy with his stand-up tours. Moreover, talking about Al Madrigal stand-up tours, let's see where is he visiting, in upcoming days.

His tour dates are all set for, July 27, 2017, Thursday, where Al Madrigal will be performing at Maison Symphonique, Montreal, QC, in a program called "I'm Dying Up Here On Showtime: A Night With Cast & Creation."

Additionally, on July 28, 2017, Friday, Al Madrigal, will be performing at L'Astral Theatre in Montreal, QC. Both the shows are bound to starts from 9:30 pm onwards. 

So, if you want to have a taste of the comedian, be sure to book your seats!

More About Al Madrigal.

Al Madrigal is known as a regular correspondent for The Daily Show with John Stewart. Further, he is also the co-founder of the show, 'All Things Comedy Podcast' since 2012.

It's not just the comedic field that he remains confined to. Rather, he has also showcased his acting abilities by delivering performance in the TV series, including Gary Unmarried, Wizards of Waverly Places, Free Agents, About a Boy and I’m Dying Up Here.

He has also done justice to few roles in movies, like 'Why is the Rabbit Crying?, Still Punching The Clown, Half Like Me, and Punching Henry.'

This talented comedian was honored at HBO's Aspen Comedy Festival, with the title of Best Stand-up Comedian Award in 2004. Moreover, he was honored at Genesis Awards with the title of The Sid Caesar Comedy Awards in 2014.

With his sheer passion, hard work and dedication towards his craft, Madrigal has been rewarded with a decent net worth of $1 Million.