Alex Dorame, Colored Haired Youtube Star, Enjoying With Boyfriend: Dating in Johnnie Guilbert?

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Alex Dorame, Colored Haired Youtube Star, Enjoying With Boyfriend: Dating in Johnnie Guilbert?

If you go through YouTube almost on a daily basis, you must have known who Alex Dorame is. She is best known for her YouTube videos, distinct looks, and her colored hair. However, do you know that she has a boyfriend? Let's go somewhat into her personal life.


cheesin' ?? photo by: @itsbobbymares

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It is evident that she is dating Johnnie Guilbert, another youtube sensation. Guilbert is a popular YouTube and YouNow personality known for his self-titled channel where he posts video blogs and challenge videos. Now you might say that how we came to know about that.

It's simple; we just peeked into some of the social media accounts and looked what we found, She posted their video on her youtube channel with a title, "MAKING MY BOYFRIEND AN EMO GIRL | Alex Dorame ft. Johnnie Guilbert." Doesn't it indicate that they are together and are dating? I guess it does.

Caption: Alex Dorame and Johnnie Guilbert in a video together in youtube on Aug 13, 2016

Besides, she has also posted her photo with Johnnie on her Instagram account. Looks like they are having a good time together.


One day.. IG will stop deleting his account ????????? photo by @itsbobbymares ????????

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Caption:  Alex Dorame and Johnnie Guilbert spending time together.

Regarding Johnnie, he also has a large following on Instagram and has also worked as a songwriter. He had uploaded his first video on his Youtube channel titled "ATTACKED BY ZOMBIES!!! Johnnie Guilbert & BryanStars VLOG #1" on November 16, 2013, and his youtube channel has 707,023 subscribers.

Caption: A video of  Alex Dorame and Johnnie Guilbert's first kiss in the video.

Alex Dorame: Girl With Bleached Hair!


Floofy hair ????????

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Caption: Alex with Bleached hair.

Alex Dorame is one of the Popular YouTube personality and also renowned for the bleach blonde hairstyle. She joined YouTube sensations: BryanStars, her boyfriend Johnnie Guilbert, Jordan Sweeto, Alex Ramos, Austin Jones, and Kyle David Hall did open a YouTube collaboration channel My Digital Escape.

Alex is American by ethnicity.Alex has also featured her parents in her videos on Youtube.

She also has a YouTube channel after herself: Alex Dorame and has 350,008 subscribers. She has quotes in Youtube channel as:

I'm Alex and I film myself doing random things that I hope can make you happy!

In her Youtube channel, she gives Hair Style tips, makes -up and Hair Color Tips, basically for ladies. She started her YouTube career by publishing videos on her self-titled channel in August of 2014.

Fond of Dogs:

She is also fond of dogs. She has posted several photos of her dog on her Instagram account. And seeing the photo below we can say that they do have a very good attachment.


???????????????? sleepy little one aw ????????

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Caption: Alex playing with her dog


I put on her collar and it made her sad ???????? tag a friend who likes pugs ????????????

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