Jumanji Star Alex Wolff Cute Girlfriend! Helps Balance Dating, Family & Career At Once

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Jumanji Star Alex Wolff Cute Girlfriend!  Helps Balance Dating, Family & Career At Once

American actor Alex Wolff is the next big thing in Hollywood having established himself after starring in movies; Jumanji 2: Welcome To The Jungle, The Dude, The House of Tomorrow and My Friend Dahmer.

The rising star is also a promising musician, and his relationship status is one of the much talked about topic in social media. The actor, however, is dating and credits his girlfriend along with his family for helping him balance his aspiring career. 

Not only that, Alex's girlfriend has aspired the actor to juggle between his personal and professional life! 

Fans Want Prom-Date

The NewYork native is one of the most desirable bachelors in Hollywood.

Attractive looks, curly hair and an outrageous fashion sense all add to Alex's alluring characters making him one of the most sought-after people in the showbiz. No wonder, the star has a massive female fan following, who adorns his social media with love messages and dating proposals. 

His Twitter feed, combinely shared with his elder brother Nat, is full of expectant girlfriends sharing stories about their relationship with the star. 

Alex Wolff's outrageous fashion sense along with good looks which have sparked a massive interest in the actor (photo: candidmagazine.com)

One user, Gabriella Conchita‏ revealed about her dream where she bumped into the star on her school, and the star romantically cupped her cheeks. Similarly, another fan, Annie went further in expressing her love to the actor, after posting a picture of her in a prom dress and wished if he was there to be her man. Other fanatical fan painted an invitational card inviting him to attend prom with her. 

Fernanda Barraza, Alex's another fan, went the furthest asking Alex to announce that he was single as her friends were hounding her claiming to be a girlfriend of the star. 

The actor, however, is already taken and dating a mysterious girl. The star, who previously was reportedly dating Ashley Joel and Claudia Yuen; is currently in a romantic relationship. 

Supportive Girlfriend: Source Of Balance In His Career 

Born to the celebrity family, Alex had all the essentials, from his early childhood which further helped both him and his brother Nat follow his passion. 

His mother, Polly Draper was a TV producer and provided the brothers with their showbiz's first taste, when she produced a musical comedy series The Naked Brothers Band, showcasing the brother's journey to stardom in the music field. The experience proved vital as that opened up numerous acting roles for Alex which has seen him become a ubiquitous name in Hollywood.  

Alex Wolff with brother Nat Wolff, father Michael and Mother Dolly in 2016 (Photo: zimbio.com)

However, Alex also has a girlfriend, who seems to be his source of balance between professional and personal life. The star dropped the bombshell about his girlfriend on an interview with Papermag.com on 27 December 2017. 

The House of Tomorrow star was asked how did he balance all his professional works and again clear his head to start a new project, to which he first joked that he used hard drugs in reference to addictive drugs that cause sedation and hallucination. However, the star later claimed that it was his girlfriend, along with his other closed one, who helped him clear his mind between different projects. 

He further added that along with his girlfriend, it was the circle he was with which helped him chill out and help him keep sane. He was quoted as saying:

"It's my girlfriend and friends and the people I surround myself with and my family. The relationships I've formed in my life are the things that make it bearable and make it all worth it. The only thing we have in this type of job are the friends you make and relationships you have. That probably keeps you sane."

With a cute girlfriend helping him focus on his career and a supportive family behind him, there is no denying Alex is in for a long haul in Hollywood.