Wondering About Allan Hawco's Married Life: Explore More About His Wife, Net Worth And Bio

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Wondering About Allan Hawco's Married Life: Explore More About His Wife, Net Worth And Bio

If you don’t know who Allan Hawco is, you will know after watching the award-winning television series Republic of Doyle. With an IMDb rating of 7.7, it is a combination of Comedy, crime, and drama. Being a creator and actor of the show, you will love the works of Allan Hawco.

Apart from his career, he’s been married to a beautiful reporter of CBC Newfoundland, Carolyn Stokes. Moreover, they have a picture-perfect married life.

Married to love of his life!

Allan Hawco and Carolyn Stokes got close to each other in 2011. The couple dated for a year and Allan Hawco married Carolyn Stokes (host of CBC News: Here and Now Late Night) in 2012. Allan Hawco has expressed about his love life.

“She has been my rock through all of it. She was there when I was an unemployed theatre actor and was in love with me then. She’s never mad at me. She understands this opportunity has been a gift for us both because I’m working and functioning out of my home as opposed to spending all my time in Toronto auditioning for things I didn’t want to do.” 

Oh yea we have almost the exact same tastes. It’s fantastic. I’m an expert TV-watcher, to be clear [Laughs]. I don’t know if I’m an expert TV-maker.

Allan rose from the bottom!

Before Allan became an international sensation, he was home province of Newfoundland and Labrador and a fellow Canadian. But back then at the early age of 12, he surely knew the effort it takes to be a successful man. That’s the very reason he’d took his first full-time job at the early age of 12 in a supermarket with his parents- mom [Mary] being an elementary school teacher and dad [Mike] had jobs on a ferry.

Allan was born on Bell Island, Canada, and his family migrated to the small town of Goulds in St. John’s, N.L. He was a younger child out of four children in the family (after Michelle, Greg, and Lenore) and got lots of love not only from his family but the whole village, Allan remembered. Being younger than his siblings, Allan describes the scenario as more like having five parents than a mother, father and three siblings.

Allan attended Memorial and tinkled in at community Center, his first role being in a Shakespeare by the Sea production of Macbeth. It let him realize his full potential and was finally where he truly belonged. Allan said on October 31st, 2014:

 “I realized I was in the right place and everything else I had been doing was a waste of my time."

Moreover, he added:

“I remember telling my sister Michelle that I’d been doing all these other things—playing hockey, working on all these jobs, doing taekwondo, being in a band and the choir—and I wasn’t confident about anything else I was doing in my life except for acting, and I knew it was what I wanted.”

Allan graduated from the National Theatre School (NTS) in 2000 and had risen to fame rapidly being one of the school’s most illustrious graduates.

Allan Hawco's Short Bio:

Allan Hawco (born July 28, 1977) is Canadian actor and producer who has appeared on television series such as Republic of Doyle and ZOS: Zone of Separation. He also received the Gascon-Thomas Award from the National Theatre School in 2011, being graduated in 2010. Allan Hawco is a producer and an actor and has net worth as that of millions although he hasn't revealed his exact figure.