Allegedly Gay Hugo Johnstone-Burt's Dating:Just Girlfriend or to-be Wife?

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Allegedly Gay Hugo Johnstone-Burt's Dating:Just Girlfriend or to-be Wife?

It is not unusual for celebrities to be in one rumor or another in the course of their career. Many fans think that the role they portray on screen is actually what they are like in real life. Although that is not the case mostly, still people say what they want to say and make a big news out of it. Similar is the case with our San Andreas star Hugo Johnstone-Burt.

Is He Single, Gay, Married, or Girlfriend?

Hugo has been accused of being sexually gay although he has never shown any signs or signals of it. Maybe a lot of it is to do with the fact that he has not had any girlfriend till now, but that doesn;t necessary implies that he prefers men.

Come on people, if you accuse him to be gay because he hasn't had a girlfriend; well, he hasn't had a boyfriend either. According to an online poll, 69% percent of viewers reckon that Hugo is sexually gay and rest 23% believed that he is straight. However, things have not been clarified from his official sources, and there is no need to.

With his massive fan following on Twitter, Hugo also seems to have a lot of female fans who are crazy about the way he looks and behaves.

Obviously, such a guy who is wanted by many girls couldn't be possibly gay, we assume.

With no reports of his love life, available in the media it might change soon. Hug and his on-screen partner from San Andreas Romy Poulier, @RomyMofficial could have something going on between them. Or this may just be their publicity stunt to attract a number of people towards them, and eventually into the movie. However, the fact that these two were spotted together has given the media something to talk about. However, there is not any certainty that these two are dating we don't see a possibility of them going further more to take the next step of getting married.

About Hugo's Short Bio:

Hugo Johnstone-Burt was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in around 1987/ 1988 and is currently in his late 20s. Although born and raised to British parents, he has got an Australian accent which he has developed after living in Aussie from the age of 2.

Born to veteran Navy parents, he is the only one out of his three siblings to have an artistic career because his brother is a soldier and his sister is an advocate. He was a student of Barker College, but dropped out to pursue his career as an actor, and so he joined National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA).

Having appeared in some Australian TV shows like Rake, Sea Patrol as well as some movies like Before the Rain as well as plays like The Importance of Being Earnest, Hugo admits that he had never been in anything as big and impressive like San Andreas. The set, the story and the cast all were so intimidating for a first timer like him, and he admits being tensed at most times, in his interview:

Caption: Hugo Johnstone Burt Shakes Things Up With His New Role In 'San Andreas', 2015

Source: FOX 11 Los Angeles