Allie Clifton Gushing Over Husband! Married Life & Family Scores Flawlessly

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Allie Clifton Gushing Over Husband! Married Life & Family Scores Flawlessly

American reporter Allie Clifton is famously known for her reports on the Cleveland Cavaliers' basketball games for the Fox Sports.

Not known to many, Alice is happily married beyond the camera. She has a beautiful bond with her husband and even shares the glimpses of her family via her Instagram time and again. 

So let's dive into the married life of Allie and get familiar with her family. 

Husband Is Her Type 

Allie was once a basketball player. She played basketball in her college days and was the school's top ten in career field-goal percentage.

It appears like Allie chose her partner in crime while keeping her basketball passion in mind as her husband, Jason Kalsow is a basketball coach at the University Of Toledo. 

Though the couple's dating and love history are confined, it came to the limelight that Allie got engaged in September with Jason. However, the year of their engagement remains confined as well.

After around a year later of their engagement, the pair exchanged the wedding vows and finally got married on 31 Aug 2013.

Allie shares the glimpses of her married life time and again. Back on 14 November 2013, she twitted to congratulate her husband and his team for their victory over the Boston College. 

Likewise, she also posted a tweet on their first Valentines after their marriage on 2014 and revealed that her husband gave her Valentine's card in his play sheets. She wrote, 

You know your married to a basketball coach when: your "V Day" card comes on the back of his play sheets. #Happy

Moreover, Allie uploaded a picture of her playing basketball with her hubby in her Twitter on 21 March 2015, and via the caption disclosed that she defended Jason's shoot despite him having the height of 2.1 m (6'8"). 

The pair appears to be spending quality of time together while sharing their love and affection to one another. They also tag each other's on special occasions and make sure to make their other half feel loved. 

One of such instance is when Allie shared a picture of their wedding in their second anniversary. She posted the picture on Twitter on 31 Aug 2015, and via the caption quoted her husband as "handsome."

Allie Clifton hugs husband Jason Kalsow in their wedding held on 31 Aug 2013. (Photo: Allie Clifton's Twitter)

Moreover, when a twitter fan asked if Allie was single via a tweet on 2 January 2016, Allie gushed about her relationship with her husband saying "2+ years, happily married!" 

Allie looks to be in her cloud nine with her husband, and her relationship looks to be enriched with happiness due to her family's presence. 

Appreciates Family

Allie, who runs at the age of 30,  also spends quality time with her parents and her siblings. She even mentions them in her social media accounts and tags them on special occasions. 

Back on 13 February 2017, Allie Instagrammed a picture of her parents and via the caption appreciated that they are the best parents in the world.

Allie also uplaoded a picture, she clicked with her elder sister Abbie, in Instagram on 27 April 2018, and wished her sister a happy birthday. She wrote, 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best big sister - I love you more than you’ll ever know || Thank you for being YOU ❤️ Enjoy today! Xx

While Allie appreciates her every family members, she and her husband are also loved by Allie's family. They even spend quality time with Allie's parents and siblings. 

Allie and her husband are indeed blessed, and hopefully, their bond lasts till eternity.