Angela Means, 54, Married and Separated! Recreated Family Fun

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Angela Means, 54, Married and Separated! Recreated Family Fun

'Bye Felicia!'

The famous slang to end a conversation or showcase annoyance to anyone was first originated from 1995's movie 'Friday.' Well, if you have ever heard this say then update yourself with the fact that the beautiful face behind the character Felicia is none other than the beautiful actress Angela Means.

Today, we'll shed some lights on the life of this adorable lady to know her on a personal level. So, if you are interested in getting familiar with her, join us in the context below. 

Angela Means's Personal life!

The American actress Angela Means, who ages 54 currently, was once married to the former screenwriter of the entertainment industry, Brad Kaaya Sr. 

It has come to the limelight that Angela was pregnant with his child after dating him for more than eight months. She was pregnant during the days when she promoted her movie Friday on the red carpets.

After welcoming the baby boy, whom she named Bradley Kaaya Jr., Angela left her acting career and focused on parenting her son. She started cooking meals, helping her son with school, but soon when Bradley was five years old, the couple split and moved on their separate ways. 

During the interview with The YBF in 5th February 2014, Angela clarified that she was not together with her husband. Moreover, she added that she and her partner, despite their differences, always have been good for each other and always had planned the best for their son.

“Me and his father aren’t together, but we’ve been so good to one another that God is only going to bless us. We decided we would love this kid. Brad wasn’t an accident, we planned him. We wanted him in our lives. Relationships in Hollywood do dissolve but we’re always going to love him more than any conflict we had and we stuck to that.”

Though the partners separated from each other and moved on their life, they worked together to help their son get on his feet. Angela's son, Bradley Kaaya, mostly known as Brad Kaaya, is now the famously talented American football quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League. 

During the interview with the CBSSports, Brad even opened about his mom and said that she was always ready to inspire him and promote him in his life. 

"My mom did anything to make my future better and my childhood better than what she had growing up in a farm with a big family, kids running everywhere, a lot of different issues. It was just rough on her growing up and she went through crazy stuff. She wanted me to reach my best possible potential."

Brad even revealed that he didn't want to join the game as a quarterback in the beginning and later chose it because of his mom. 

"The quarterback on my team quit before the playoffs. I could always throw the ball the farthest, so the kids just voted me the quarterback. I told my mom I don't like quarterback, it's not fun. She said they voted you so stick with it. Ever since then, I stuck with it."

Not only, Angela but her ex-husband also helped Brad. He used to coach his son and make him practice to throw perfectly spiral balls. Whenever needed, he was there for his son and his training. Recalling the past, Brad shared the time when he practiced with his dad and quoted the say as, 

"We'd throw until my dad's hands got tired or until he got smart enough to buy gloves.

As for now, Angela's ex-husband lives with his current wife and has a daughter who plays soccer and tennis. 

Meanwhile, Angela looks to be very happy to share her life with her son. Time and again, she Instagrams the moment she spends with her son and hints the blissful family life that she enjoys with him.