Angela Sarafyan Secretly Dating Or Was Just Busy To Have A Boyfriend All This Time?

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Angela Sarafyan Secretly Dating Or Was Just Busy To Have A Boyfriend All This Time?

Angela Sarafyan, best known for her role as Clementine Pennyfeather in Westworld, her love life has always been a matter of concern for her fans. Angela certainly followed her family’s legacy as her father was an actor as well.

Talking about Angela Sarafyan, she had been dating her fellow actor. But where is she now? Is she dating someone?

A sizzling chemistry!

Caption: Rami Malek & Angela Sarafyan's Photoshoot for Nylon Magazine's November of 2012.

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Angela was seen in 2012 classics, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. It is the very reason in 2012, during the filming on the sets of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, Angela was linked with her fellow co-star Rami Malek, according to various sources. 

In the twilight saga, Malek played the role of an Egyptian vampire named Benjamin and Sarafyan as his love interest in the movie. During promotion for the film in 2012, it was rumored that Rami Malek and Sarafyen were dating as girlfriend and boyfriend, but either of the actors ever come forward to clarify the rumors.

While Rami Malek and Angela Sarafyan both played as vampires of the Egyptian coven in the movie and it makes sense that both would be a perfect match made in heaven. Rumors were buzzing all over Hollywood that the on-screen couples were much more than a just colleague in 2012. 

Moreover, there were also photos of both couples holding their hands online, which pleased their fans across the globe. But the rumor has never been confirmed by both, and the buzz on this potential blossomed romance eventually faded. Rami Malek is currently dating Portia Doubleday.

Angela Sarafyan is not married till date and doesn’t have a husband. However, she would be searching for one as she is already 33 years old.

An eye-popping dress up!

Caption: Angela Sarafyan was among the guests at the Vanity Fair and L'Oreal Paris Celebrate Young Hollywood bash, held at West Hollywood's Delilah on 2017.

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The leading lady of West world attended the Vanity Fair and L'Oreal Paris Toast to Young Hollywood party on 22nd February 2017 at West Hollywood's Delilah and that too wearing a form-hugging and off-the-shoulder gown that looked decent enough from the front. But when turned to the side, she revealed a whole skin as well as confidence. 

An illusion panel was joined in the front and on the back of Sarafyan's gown together, putting her toned side on display in the event.

Being an Armenian as well as American actress she has a net worth of $6 million. In 2009, Sarafyan started her career as Helena in the television series Hot Sluts. 

Moreover, she starred as Samantha in the tv show The Good Guys in 2010. Sarafyan has starred in Hollywood movies like A Beautiful Life; Love Hurts, The Informers, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Me Him Her as well as The Immigrant.