Anita Manning Married Life & Husband Overshadowed By Antiques & Relics

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Anita Manning Married Life & Husband Overshadowed By Antiques & Relics

Scottish antique expert Anita Manning is one of a kind being Scotland's first auctioneer who commenced her business as a buyer.

Getting into the antique business as a buyer in the 1970s, she finally gave a full figure to her business after her daughter left school. However, in all of her professional tanglings, Anita has kept a married life at bay for her fans.

Well, she is a popular figure in the industry; however, the information about her husband and married life is overshadowed by her professional life.

Auctioneer Mother-Daughter Duo; TV Shows Contributes To Net worth

Anita Manning has a lot to tell about auctioneering!

The first auctioneer of Scotland first got into the antique business as a buyer in the 1970s, after chatting to an Irish dealer from whom she bought a bed. 

After her first visit to Glasgow as a buyer, she bought and sold furniture in England and Ireland for about three years, driving all around the country in a three-tonne truck. Her experience honed her strengths – a good eye and a keen instinct.

She got an influenced for her business, as a young mother she developed a keen knowledge of antiques buying furniture from auctions, which finally led her to establish her saleroom. 

Later, Anita started her business with her daughter, Lala Manning as the brain behind it. When Lala Manning left her school, the mother-daughter duo went into business together for Anita was an antique expert with less knowledge of business trend.

Anita Manning and her daughter Lala Manning on their trip to Iceland in 2012 (Photo:

Combining Anita's antique knowledge and Lala's business brain, they started the Great Western Auction in 1989. 

Their first place for the business was in the heart of the West End of Glasgow and has moved twice to accommodate their growing business. They commenced their business with only three staffs, and as of now the business holds 15 dedicated specialists, and also auction administrators ensures the highest standard of service for our clients.

And as of now, their business has grown up to one of the major independents' auctioneers in Scotland. Not only that, Anita has found TV success as she turned into the presenter of many TV series, including BBC's Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip.

Also, she made a history on the Antique Road Trip for making the biggest profit on a sale, where she sold the statue of Buddha for £3,800 which she had bought for £50. With this profit, Anita, who presumably earns a good salary from BBC, might have a good net worth which she has not revealed till date.

Low-Profile Married Life; Daughter's Wedding

Besides her never-ending passion and ever-engaging job, the TV antique expert is also a married woman keeping a low-profile marriage. In all of her TV and social media, Anita has only made her professional life came to limelight.  

The former teacher has not revealed the identity of her husband but shares two children with her mysterious husband, a son and a daughter named Lala Manning.

Anita, who studied Physical Education specializing in Dance at Aberdeen and Edinburgh, had her daughter's help in establishing the business. While keeping a low profile family life, her own daughter got married to Colin Broon in 2018 and in 2015, she revealed that her son used to live in Hong Kong for 20 years.

Similarly, Anita also talked about her mother living in Australia for 35 years before taking the last breath in 2014. She used to visit her once in every couple of years. She stayed in Melbourne and then a little seaside place near Sydney.

Notably, her family life has been overshadowed by her professional life and hence she seems to love to keep her personal life only to herself.