Every Small Detail On Annie LeBlanc! Her Birthday, Age, Height, Parents and Other Facts

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Every Small Detail On Annie LeBlanc! Her Birthday, Age, Height, Parents and Other Facts

"Bratayley" is a family vlogging Youtube channel and one of the stars of the channel is Annie LeBlanc. She features in the YouTube vlogs alongside her siblings, but not many people know much about her life in general.

What type of a person is she like? What she does in her life and what are her other skills?

No one really knows that and if you too are keen on expanding your knowledge about her life including her family life, look no further, as we are here to shed some light on her wiki, which shall help you find out every minute detail about the life of this young sensation.

Annie LeBlanc Is Only Twelve In Age:

Yes, that is correct folks, she is only twelve in age.

She was born in 2004 in Georgia and celebrates her birthday on the 5th of December. Certainly, this young sensation, who stands over 5ft in height, makes people believe that fame and success are two things which age does not determine!

Annie LeBlanc Is A Family Girl:

Annie LeBlanc's parents', Katie LeBlanc and Billy LeBlanc got married back in 2000, and her father is professionally a US Navy.

Annie is a family girl, who does have ample warmth for her family members. Annie wishing Billy on the occasional of International Father's Day makes it evident.


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Annie and her sister, Hayley LeBlanc collaborate on the channels OMMyGoshTV and Bratayley.

The love Hayley and Allie share is something different from typical sisterly love.


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Her older brother Caleb sadly passed away in 2015.

Annie LeBlanc's Possible Dating Affair:

Annie LeBlanc is very young, but age does not define love either, and there are chances that she could be dating someone in her life.

She often gets linked with Hayden Summerall, as Annie often shares pictures with Hayden, causing people to wonder something exists between them.


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They have not addressed any of the fans' curiosity which is why the nature of their connection is still a mystery to us.

But we are looking for every possible update on their relationship, which is why this is the place where you want to stay tuned if you are willing to further know about the love life of Annie.

And did you know, during early 2017, YouTube’s family-friendly "YouTube Kids" application got launched on Android TV?

 Additionally, Annie also got added as a host for the second season of "We Are Savvy," which will comprise of 13 episodes.

Something new to get hyped for!