Anthony Padilla Stepped Aside While His Girlfriend Of Four Year Was Lashed Out For Dating Shortly After Their Online Split

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Anthony Padilla Stepped Aside While His Girlfriend Of Four Year Was Lashed Out For Dating Shortly After Their Online Split

It's true that once a couple ends their relationship, they no longer have to defend each other unless they stay friends. However, if the couple stays together for many years, its natural to have a sense of responsibility towards each other but in the case of Anthony Padilla, he does not seem to bother about his girlfriend after the split; at least not in a caring way.

Anthony Padilla, a 29 years old YouTube sensation was previously dating a fellow vlogger Kalel. They dated for four years and even got engaged in June 2013, getting a step closer to getting married. They posted the video of their engagement on YouTube where Kalel was showing off her engagement ring, presented by Anthony of course.

However, after about a year, the couple surprised their fans when they revealed they've decided to go their separate ways. Moreover, they posted a video where they explained about their relationship and the reason for their split.

Caption: The Smosh breakup.

Kalel started by apologizing to her viewers for not posting any new videos to their joint channel "Smosh" followed by the news of their decision of ending the relationship.

“Our relationship over the course of the four years has been really great. We really don’t have big fights or get super angry at each other. But it just kind of reached a point where we both felt that we weren’t the happiest we could be.”

Kalel continued,

“This is a difficult time enough for us,” Cullen continued. “We’re kind of starting a fresh life. We don’t need drama on top of it.  … I don’t think we’d be sitting here together smiley if we hated each other or anything.”

Although the couple stated to have ended their relationship with a mutual understanding, most of the fans blamed Kalel for the breakup. However, Anthony backed up Kalel and cleared the air with a couple of his Twitter posts.

The lashing begins:

Shortly after their split, Kalel made a vlog mentioning she had two tickets to Sam Smith concert and was going with an unnamed guy; moreover, she said that she was thinking to get her v***** waxed. 

Some defended her, but the number of rage-filled tweets overpowered it. Later she posted another vlog saying that she started to have a strong feeling towards this mysterious guy.

That was more than enough for her fans to start getting back to her break up with Anthony.

After Kalel felt that it was too much with all the defaming tweets, she started responding with equal rage, and while doing so, she slipped about Anthony dating a woman.

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However, while Kalel was facing their fan’s rage, Anthony was chilling out, posting a picture of his newly renovated bedroom.

Dating news real?

Kalel's statement about Anthony dating another woman seems to be true. Anthony has been hanging out with ­­­Meil Monster lately, and they both seem to be notably and unusually close to each other. 


should i have my Prom 2016 photo hung above my fireplace? y/n

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Given the fact that both have not specified the relationship they share, we can speculate they're just friends.

With over 22 million subscribers on Smosh YouTube channel and a total of six billion views, Anthony Padilla, who shares a Spanish ethnicity earns himself a decent amount. Through various sources, Smosh annually receives about $7 to $10 million that contributes to his splendid net worth of $8 million.