Audrey Murdick And Her Family With Funny Husband Jeff Dunham!

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Audrey Murdick And Her Family With Funny Husband Jeff Dunham!

What are the chances you will get to make the most out of your career while also balancing married life? Well, it is possible, but not many have done so with the perfection that Audrey Murdick and her husband have. Literally!

Audrey Murdick, a nutritionist and fitness fanatic has started a journey with her husband where she and her husband both can manage their married life and professional life as well. But how do they do it?

Let’s scoop on her and her married life to find that out!

Audrey Murdick Wiki!

Audrey Murdick, age 37, is a nutrition specialist and an avid fitness trainer as well as former NPC fitness competitor. However, besides the professional introduction, Audrey likes to introduce herself differently.

According to Audrey’s official website, Audrey is

“Indulgent food lover and pastry chef at heart! I am also the proud wife of a funny man, Jeff Dunham, mama to twin boys and step-mom to three grown girls. My goal is to simplify all topics Food, Cooking, Health, and Stress related.”

This just might be one of the most concise forms of self-introduction provided by a public figure.

Married To A Funny Man

“Bios don’t lie.”

Just as Audrey said, she is married to a funny man, and his name is Jeff Dunham, a ventriloquist cum comedian who is famous for his on and off stage acts. Off-stage acts are referring to how he is with his wife and his kids!

The couple got engaged on Christmas Day in 2011, followed by getting married about a year later in October of 2012. Jeff, the funny husband, revealed all of it through his Twitter platform, keeping fans up to date on his personal life.

Caption: Audrey Murdick and Jeff Dunham. The newlyweds back in 2012.


Not many celebs do that, right?

Following a low-key wedding, in 2015, Jeff took the news of Audrey’s pregnancy, revealing that the couple was expecting twin boys. Months after the revelation, the husband and wife welcomed their long-expected twins.

“Mama Audrey and both boys are happy and healthy and doing well. Born two hours apart and no C-section needed. I was literally right there, and after the heads were clear, the doctor let me pull the little guys out the rest of the way. Life doesn’t get any more beautiful and amazing than that.”

The twins, born on October of 2015 recently celebrated their second birthday. The kids are entitled to every moment of laughter with a father who finds ways to keep them entertained.

For the 2017 Halloween, Jeff Dunham bought a dinosaur skeleton way bigger than himself.

He surely knows how to make a childhood awesome, doesn’t he?

Husband and Wife Living The Life

It is a no-brainer to live a happy life when her husband has a net worth of over $120 million. But even though the couple is sitting on a fortune too big to imagine, they still do their share of work.

Audrey is a fitness fanatic, and Jeff is a Ventriloquist, but apart from that, the couple has a show of their own, 'Incredible Edible America' where they travel the country trying out food that a feast to the eye. It surely is a dream work for Audrey as she claims to be an avid foodie!