Barbara Babcock Finds it Hard to Forget Her Former Dead Husband, Jay Sheffield, With Whom She Married in 1962

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Barbara Babcock Finds it Hard to Forget Her Former Dead Husband, Jay Sheffield, With Whom She Married in 1962

Having won 1981 Emmy Awards for her role as Grace Gardner in the television series Hill Street Blues, Barbara Babcock is an established American character actress.

Caption: Barbara Babcock delivered a thoughtful and emotional speech after she accepted her Emmy award.

Missing the Dead Husband:!

Barbara married Jay Sheffield on 9 June 1962. The couple had separated after eight months of marriage. Her ex- husband Jay Sheffield passed away on June 25, 1998, in Los Angeles, California, USA. 

At the age of 79, she is currently lonely. And as far as we know, she has not been in any intimate relationship after her divorce with Jay.  So, we can assume that she still misses her ex-husband. 

Doesn’t  it hurt when you realize that the person whom you once loved so much is far away from you? She is undergoing identical circumstances. 

However, to take off her mind from the loss of her love, she took the path of adventure. According to an article by, she loves exploring the world regardless of the fact that she is not young anymore and has been on various adventures ranging from her visit to the Amazon for studying monkeys to feasting on fried termites in Kenya.

The only way that you know what’s beautiful is if you find something that you define as ugly

Says the Star Trek actress whose taste for exploration originates from her upbringing in Japan. Apparently, her father, an Army general, and her actress mother taught her to appreciate inner splendor.

She was quoted saying,

My parents raised me not to focus on the external. When the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical are in alignment, then you have beauty that’s universal.

Apparently, she enjoys Yoga and exercising and focuses on keeping herself healthy and beautiful using environmentally friendly products from the Body Shop, along with regular yogurt facials. 

She currently lives alone in a century-old Craftsman home in Los Angeles surrounded with antique and extravagant furniture and Celtic artifacts

Stunning actress Barbara had her debut in the year 1968 with a fantastic movie called Day of the Evil Gun. She portrayed the role of Angie Warfield in the film, and it was a blockbuster. The very next year, she appeared in another one called Heaven with a Gun and luckily, this movie was a hit too. She portrayed the role of Mrs.

Andrews in the film. In the year 1990, she did a movie called A Family for Joe. Her work as Miss Quinn Collins was loved and adored by everyone and this movie was a huge blockbuster. She was also loved for her work in the Star Trek series.

Although she has a large list of roles in various movies, due to her work in older works, her Net worth has not been recorded properly but from large amount of expensive possessions and her luxurious home, we can assume she has amassed quite a fortune.