Beautifully Tall Elizabeth Debicki Says Dating Guys With Short Height Is Okay! Has A Boyfriend Now?

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Beautifully Tall Elizabeth Debicki Says Dating Guys With Short Height Is Okay! Has A Boyfriend Now?

We usually fall in love with the person whom we find perfect in every aspect as we think that finding a Mr. Perfect is all about the man who has a list of certain qualities. 

Let’s imagine a scenario where we will ask you about the qualities that you will look for in your ideal partner. Well, different people have different choice and preferences, so the qualities you seek might also be different.

Similarly, The Night Manager actress looks certain qualities in her boyfriend. Today, let us have a look on her love life and find out what she looks for a person to fall in love.

The Kind Of Guys Debicki Prefers Dating:

Like we all have an alternate decision and taste, the qualities that we're searching for in our partner are additionally unique. The Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki prefers dating someone who is short in height than herself. In an interview with The Hamilton Spectator in June 2016, six feet two inches tall Debicki revealed the qualities that she will look in her man. Elizabeth Debicki explained-

“I've dated shorter men and it's not been a problem, but what I'm really looking for is a normal, honest, real person. I like intelligence.”

She continued-

"I think it's the most attractive thing in a human being and when you meet someone you can have an intelligent conversation with, well, that's what life's all about really. And obviously, a well-cut suit is great too.

After some months, in an interview with The Guardian in October 2016 Debicki revealed that she chooses to maintain privacy in her relationship and affair. Debicki said-

“Have I got a boyfriend-slash-girlfriend? That’s very liberal of you. I don’t want to say anything. I’m really private.”  

As Debicki has been maintaining privacy on her love life, she is listless when it comes to her relationship and boyfriend. However, she was once rumored to be dating her co-star Tom Hiddleston.

In an interview with Telegraph on March 2016, Debicki, who performed a series of steamy and intimate sex scenes with Tom Hiddleston explained how she couldn’t help but fall for him. She said-

“Tom has a wicked sense of humour, so ascerbic. You’d drag yourself into the makeup truck at 7am and he’d be wisecracking away; believe me, if you weren’t on top form he’d bring you to your knees with his cutting wit and you wouldn’t get up again all day.”

Debicki also explained why her character fell for Tom Hiddleston deeply.

“He is just so darn handsome and such a courteous gentleman that it was almost impossible not to fall completely in love with him. He also works at a very swift pace and you have to keep up with him or you’d be left behind.”

Moreover, earlier this year in February, this beautiful actress with short hair revealed her experience of acting alongside British drama heavyweights Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager with Radio Times, where she exclaimed that Tom Hiddleston is basically perfect.

Caption: Elizabeth Debicki and Tom Hiddleston appeared together for the movie, The Night Manager (Published on Sep 18, 2016)

Elizabeth and Tom may not be dating one another, but by the looks of it, Elizabeth seems to have a crush on Tom Hiddleston.

Who knows, right?

Elizabeth Debicki, who was born with mixed ethnicity to an Irish-Australian mother a Polish father, was raised in Australia. She was born to a ballet dancer parents in Paris and has spent some time in Britain while filming The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Debicki is also known for appearing in A Few Best Men (2011), The Great Gatsby (2013), Isabelle Huppert (2013/14), and The Maids (2014).