Ben Barnes: Neither Married Nor Dating, Searching For Perfect Girlfriend or Wife? Or Is He Gay?

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Ben Barnes: Neither Married Nor Dating, Searching For Perfect Girlfriend or Wife? Or Is He Gay?

Quick Fact Check

  • Date of Birth 1981-08-20
  • Age 37 Years 9 Month(s)
  • Nationality British
  • Birth Place London
  • Profession Actor
  • Birth Name Benjamin Thomas Barnes
  • Zodiac Sign Leo
  • Ethnicity/Race White
  • Father Thomas Barnes
  • Mother Tricia Barnes
  • Relationship Status Single
  • Ex-Girlfriend Tamsin Egerton (2009)
  • Gay No
  • Net Worth $2 Million
  • Career 1997-present
  • High School Homefield Preparatory School
  • College Kingston University
  • Height/ How Tall? 6' 1" (1.85 m)
  • Weight 183 lbs (83 kg)
  • Hair Color Dark Brown
  • Eye Color Dark Brown

Every individual thinks about getting a right partner with whom one can share happiness, strength and all kinds of fears in each step of their life. But, things seems to be quite different for the English actor Ben Barnes, who enjoys the attention of large female following but has not given any clue about his lady.

Maybe the key reason it is his still ongoing search for the perfect partner or is he hiding his girl or has a different sexual taste? Plenty of question might have arisen in the minds of his followers, so today we shall solve all the questions popping in the heads.

Is he Dating or Married?

In the movie “Big Wedding” 2013 the actor was romantically involved with the beautiful actress Amanda Seyfried. The lead was not only involved in love but was also seeing the dream of taking their love to the next level. 

Despite having the deep down romance on the screen, the actor chose to stay away from the relationship off the screen despite his co-star revealed about facing the star in both on and off the camera.

Caption: Ben Barnes with Amanda Seyfried in the movie "Big Wedding" 2013


When asked about the scenario about the feelings revealed by the lady, the man completely shook it off by terming it as a good and friendly relationship that he has bonded with Amanda. 

On an interview posted by on 21st May 2013, the actor was confronted about his co-star liking him. But the decent man termed the relationship between him and Amanda as "a good friend."

Similarly, while the man was together with the Spiderman actress Felicity Jones on the LA airport the man with his gentleman nature immediately attracted the lady towards him. 

As posted by on 6th December 2014, Ben and Felicity, were together when they landed at the LA Airport.  Although the man did not specifically reveal about his feeling towards the lady but the lady openly blurted out her feelings for liking the gentleman despite facing the difficult situation of break up with her boyfriend artist Ed Fornieles. She said:

'I don’t want to go into the gory details of my love life but I was with this person and it was so awkward because, you know what it’s like, when you are so nervous you don’t know what to say to each other but you really like the person?"

She added:

"And it’s always when you like someone that you never know what to say. Why is that? It’s so annoying. But when you don’t like someone you feel so cool and you say all these wonderful things."

Well, the handsome man with his single status might have attracted plenty of women towards him, while few have even taken a chance on him but the man has chosen to stay firm in his single life. When asked for the real reason of such doing he spoke about love and its purity.

As posted by on 3rd October 2015, he disclosed about the requirements in love and the existence of feelings. He also revealed about the girls choice while picking men and how they chose the wrong people and left the good one aside. He said:

“My mother is a relationship counselor and I learned a lot about love from her.Love is something that comes out of a mutual trust with your partner. Shared goals, humor, the excitement when your hands touch. Those are things you can't tell at first glance. Maybe lust, but not love.”

Well, although he has clarified the reason for not staying in love we are not sure whether he is telling the truth or is he secretly enjoying with a girlfriend making the media and public unaware of it.

There lies plenty of unsolved if's regarding his wife as well. As you never know what goes around inside the mind of the stars till they confront it to the media personally nothing can be said.

Not Dating Women: does it signifies him to be Gay?

In the year 2009, the actor was seen playing the character of gay and making love to his co-star Colin Firth in the movie Dorie Gray.

Caption: Ben Barnes in the movie "Dorey Gray" depicting the role of gay mate.(2009)

Although he purely expressed his love to his fellow friend in the film but in actual life, there remains confusion about his sexual preference.

However, while going through his dating history, we came across the news of the actor dating Tamsin Egerton, an actress.

Source: Tamsin Egerton and Ben Barnes rumored to be together in the year 2009.


As posted by, the actor dated the lady in the year 2009. Although the actor has not revealed the dating events and the meeting events, the duo is said to have broken in the year 2010 while the lady is reported to be dating Josh Hartnett an American actor since the year 2012.

Caption: Josh Hartnett and Tamsin Egerton on April 06, 2015 in New York.


Well, the man has confined his relationship status along with his dating events. When you think, logically it’s not possible to remain single until the age of 35 searching for perfect life partner until you have few failures in a relationship. Or is the man gay due to which he has kept his relationship tucked in.

Plenty of if’s and but with no relevant answers. So we need to wait till the actor opens about his love lives and clear the air of confusion of being gay.