Bhavna Limbachia, Age 32, In Her Brother's Wedding: Might Be Her To Get Married Next? Boyfriend?

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Bhavna Limbachia, Age 32, In Her Brother's Wedding: Might Be Her To Get Married Next? Boyfriend?

Despite being super busy balancing three projects in her life, English actress Bhavna Limbachia managed to attend her brother’s wedding.

When you’re in your 30’s and attend one of these events, you start wondering about your own marriage. Is Limbachia feeling the same? If so, who is her potential husband?


Welcome to the family @latan123456 #LataBhabi #vipswedslata ????

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Caption: At Her Brother’s wedding: she welcomes her sister-in-law 

Bhavna Limbachia posted several pictures on her Instagram account as well as on a separate account under the hashtag of ‘#vipswedslata’ indicating the wedding. It was her brother’s wedding, and she seemed really excited to be a part of it.

Thinking About Getting Married?

But you know, when a relative, of nearly your age, gets married, you begin to think of the idea of marriage yourself - especially when you’re in your 30s

How do we know she is not married? Well! Her twitter follower asked her the same question, and she replied that "I'm not married yet.” So, maybe she is looking forward to it.

Boyfriend and Personal Life of Bhavna:

Since we don't know much about her personal life, we cannot give you more information on her relationship status, her boyfriend (if she has one) or her past relationship.


#SistersFromTheSameMister #broswedding #vipswedslata

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Caption: the one in the middle, just look at how beautiful she looks wearing a traditional ‘Saree’

Interest in Fashion

She did say in an interview to ‘Lancashire Life’ on 4th October 2013 about her love for fashion. She admitted David Gandy as the most fashionable person among male at the current time. But that barely signifies anything, does it?

On-Screen Relationship:

She has a boyfriend in her BBC sitcom series, ‘Citizen Khan’, but no chemistry has been seen between them other than over the phone. It was reported in January 2016 by 'Mirror' that she would be starring in the ‘Coronation Street’ as Raina, a fiery character. She will be featuring as a love interest of Zeedan Nazir portrayed by Qasim. The new addition to the ‘Coronation Office’ has formed yet another good looking couple.

Short Bio

Bhavna Limbachia, was born on 21st April 1984, in the city of Preston, Lancashire, UK. Despite being an actress, she has also established her own business venture of designing vintage clothing and accessories.

After her involvement in the ITV soap, ‘Coronation Street’, it was reported by 'whats on TV' that her character’s flirtatious nature will break a lot of hearts on March 1, 2016. The show was said to be letting go few casts but the new recruitment, Limbachia’s job is safe according to an article published on July 28, 2016.  

Caption: The birds and the bees - Citizen Khan - Episode 3 - BBC One

Source: BBC, Youtube