Bojana Jankovic's Husband Michael Weatherly Tells 'All-Tale'! Still Hides Wedding Details From Bio

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Bojana Jankovic's Husband Michael Weatherly Tells 'All-Tale'! Still Hides Wedding Details From Bio

Love games are tricky. It not only takes you to cloud nine but breaks your heart as well. Some people don't waste their time to get married even after finding the perfect partner for them, as marriage is a turning point in a person’s life where they take a decision to spend rest of their life with their spouse.

What would be more exciting than getting married to your soul mate? When there are a number of people who couldn’t enjoy married life with their loved ones, there are some whose love life is something very envious. In this context, we will be talking about the beautiful Bojana Jankovic’s married life with her husband, Michael Weatherly.

Bojana’s Wedding And Married Life:

The gorgeous internist Bojana tied the knot with NCIS star Michael Weatherly in September 2009, after being in a long distance relationship for two years. The pair exchanged vows in a private ceremony where their family and close friends witnessed their wedding.  

Bound in marital relation since seven years, Dr. Bojana and her husband share two children; a daughter named Olivia Weatherly (born in April 2012) and a son named Liam Weatherly (born on October 29, 2013). Michael announced the news about Liam’s birth through Twitter.


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In an interview with PEOPLE in April 2015, Michael Weatherly revealed how his kids influenced his décor. He explained-

“The key to me is everything has to able to be sat in, used, able to get thrown up on, or crayoned. A lot of it is just utilitarian, and because of the dogs and the kids, we’re not precious about stuff.”

He then added-

“I think that [having kids] certainly influenced some of the rounder pieces that we acquired after the kids were born, but a lot of the furniture that we have here now is from before the kids, so it’s a mix.”

Bojana Jankovic now lives 4,000-sq.-ft. Fred Smathers-designed Hollywood Hills home with her family. Bojana and her husband bought the villa in the year 2012 for $3.5 million.

How Bojana Met Her Darling Husband?

Few months after the wedding, Michael gave an interview with PEOPLE magazine where he revealed how they met. In the interview, he said that he met his lady love for the first time at a Vancouver bar in 2007. Weatherly recalled-

“My friend Colleen was saying, ‘Michael, aren’t you lonely?’ I said, ‘Not really. I’m pretty happy. Works for Clooney! I kept looking out of the corner of my eye and seeing this ravishing, gorgeous beauty. We made eye contact and that was it.”  

Short Bio Of Bojana Jankovic:

Bojana Jankovic (age 37), an internist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Group and Cedars-Sinai Health Associates, is the graduate of University of British Columbia. She earned a B.S in biophysics in 2003 and two years later received a degree in Master of Science in Oncology.

Bojana, who became an M.D. in the year 2009, is also on the advisory board for Healthy Child Healthy World. Healthy Child Healthy World is an organization that informs parents on how to create healthier homes and environments for their children.