Bonnie Aarons Busy With Career! Hiding A Possible Married Life Behind All The Horror Makeup?

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Bonnie Aarons Busy With Career! Hiding A Possible Married Life Behind All The Horror Makeup?

If you want to earn a successful career and a lot of reputation, you need to have a strong determination. However, someone getting carried away in the race to attain their goals is not a new story to hear. 

People often find it overwhelming to balance their personal and professional front and seek solace in focusing on only one aspect.

But is this what the very "scary" Bonnie Aarons been doing? She is known for her frightening makeups and all the horror movies she has been a part of but is her career her true love and is she yet to get married due to her professional involvements? Let us find out!

Is "Valak" Bonnie Aarons Married And Hiding Her Husband? Or Just Too Busy With Her Career?

Valak is one of the most frightening characters in horror movies. Valak, who haunts Conjuring 2, was portrayed by Bonnie Aarons who has formerly played several other horror characters like the Bum in the film Mulholland Drive

Her portrayal of these scary characters has proven to the world that she can scare anybody when she puts that makeup on, which has contributed to her glittering success in the industry.

But people are more keen on knowing about the personal and romantic aspect of her life, and there is a widespread search on the internet about her possible married life. 

Many believe that she is a married woman who has been hiding the details of her married life from the public, and there are chances that such could be the case. 

However, the odds are equally in favour of her being busy with frightening people that settling down seems to be the least bit of her concern.

But these are the only two possible options; therefore, anyone could develop these sort of theories. 

Only the actress can unveil the fact, and her fans are waiting for her to give them what they seek: a peek into her personal life. She has been secretive to the extent that she has not even disclosed if she has been dating anyone.

Caption: Bonnie Aarons has been pretty secretive about her personal life and has not revealed if she is a married woman.

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All of this silence has also raised some eyebrows about her sexuality, as most think her a lesbian for not presenting a male partner in public. 

But the rumours are yet to be confirmed by her, and until she does, it is pointless jumping to conclusions, especially without any grounds.

Like you would expect of a secretive artist, her age and her family matters, including the identity of her parents, have been kept in the shadows, too.

For now, let us all enjoy—or should we say, get scared of—the fact that she is a successful horror actress who has been scaring the lives out of the audience with her frightening roles.

Speaking of her professional life, in an interview back in 2014, this actress who stands at the height of 5 ft 8 inches opened up about how she prepared for the role of the bum in "Mulholland Drive." When asked how she landed the role, she said,

I don’t mean to brag, but David Lynch said he was looking for the most incredible face he could find. I actually met him at a Twin Peaks party, and he was like, “Look at that face!”

Adding more on how the terrifying cameo appearance materialised, she explained,

They said I was going to be a character called the bum, and it was going to be a bunch of special effects. But that is all real makeup. That is real moss on my face. That is oatmeal and dirt in my hair, and steel wool. They were gonna make a mask, but [Lynch] says, “No! I don’t want any of that. I want to see every bone structure, I want to see the green eyes.” So he had them put it on with a tweezer. It took over 12 hours.

Caption: Mulholland Drive - Creepy Hobo.

Published on Dec 30, 2011

The video above is an indication of how she can stop anyone's heartbeats with her frightening works.