Brett Dalton: Is He Really Married to Longtime Partner? Enjoying Holiday With Wife and Daughter

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Brett Dalton: Is He Really Married to Longtime Partner? Enjoying Holiday With Wife and Daughter

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When you finally find your soul mate after numerous unsuccessful relationships, you can't think of getting married to any other person. Who wouldn’t love to get married to the person they like and adore.

Well, Brett Dalton, who portrays the character of Hive in ABC's series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., is married to his long-time partner. He is lucky enough to get married to his girlfriend of six years. Let’s find out about his girlfriend turned wife.

Caption: Brett with his wife and daughter.

Married to his Longtime Girlfriend:

Brett Dalton got married to his girlfriend of six years Melissa Trn on December 16, 2015, LOS ANGELES, CA soon after they were engaged. Their wedding was a private ceremony.

Melissa is a costume designer by profession. Brett and Melissa met each other while attending Yale School of Drama and started dating each other.

Caption: Brett Dalton married his girlfriend of six years Melissa Trn on December 16, 2015, LOS ANGELES, CA.

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In the year 2012, the couple gave birth to their first baby, daughter Sylvia Dalton.


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And in case anyone forgets, my daughter is happy to remind you she's 4 years old now @Melissatrn

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Holiday With Wife and Daughter:

Brett recently enjoyed a vacation in Paris with his wife and daughter. Here are some of the pictures of his vacation that he shared on his Instagram.


Vacation in Paris and all she wants to do is play with pigeons

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I know this is Paris, but after all those steps all I could think about was the Rocky soundtrack #sacrecoeur

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Perfect Family Vacation:

In the year 2014, had taken an interview of Brett where he was asked about his perfect family vacation. Brett said-

“We did have a pretty perfect one this summer. I was working pretty long hours, but I was happy. We would have the weekends together there in Florence. They would visit me on set. My daughter loved it because it was the land of pizza and ice cream. It probably blew her mind that there is a place that is all about pizza and ice cream. (Both laugh.) We came back tan, happy, and a little fatter, but that is okay.”

Brett Dalton, A Doting Father:

Brett Dalton makes it clear that his greatest Jewellery is his daughter Sylvia and has shown her off on his social media and Instagram multiple times. The proud father likes to flaunt his daughter's smile and has even talked fondly about his favorite memories of her in an interview stating,

 I have had countless moments. The one I first remember was dancing with my daughter. She was about four months old. She could smile at that point. I think she was laughing a little bit too. I just remember thinking I will be doing this at her wedding. There is something so special about father daughter time.

We have all these cool adventure that we go on now, but I remember at that point that this was one of the best moments in the world. We were in our own little world. I was thinking what has happened to me. I am dancing and crying with a small child in my living room. I just have no explanation for it. I remember thinking that no matter what happens I hope that we can always come back and dance together.

The proud father of the 5-year-old child also talked about how he plans to raise her and what he wants to teach her saying,

 We try to have respect for where she is at as a human being at this particular point. We have never done the baby voice. We have never said no without an explanation. We try and explain things to her. We try to have patience and sympathy for where she is at in her process of this crazy world that we brought her into. So we just try and talk to her like a human being.

Obviously every parent thinks that they have the smartest and most beautiful child in the world. We have got some crazy compliments from a lot of people. She definitely seems to have an old soul. I think the funniest comment I ever got was ‘I was going to have a baby, but why? I give up. There will never be a baby better than this.’ So we are like okay we will take that.

We really try and explain things to her. We are very patient with her. We also have been very lucky as well. She didn’t have colic or anything like that. It kind of felt like she was meant to be in this world. She didn’t even cry when she was born. She had this look on her face like oh this is what I imagined the world to be like. This is cool.

He was later asked if he had that particular father-daughter ritual/act that everyone enacts to make their daughter and he revealed it saying,

 We have had this thing forever actually. I will pretend to chase her and scrunch up my shoulders and do a standing crab type of walk. It is really ridiculous, but I go around chasing her. I would say, ‘I’m gonna get cha. I’m gonna get cha.’ She will always laugh at that.


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Brett Patrick Dalton's Short Bio:

American actor Brett Patrick Dalton was born on January 7, 1983, in San Jose, California. He is of white ethnicity. He attended Westmont High School in Campbell, California and graduated in the year 2001.

After auditioning for a production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Dalton discovered his interest in acting. He attended the University of California, Berkeley. Dalton received a Master of Fine Arts from the Yale University in 2011.

Thirty-three-year-old Dalton is popular for appearing in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D(since 2013). He was also seen in The Resurrection of Gavin Stone this year. Likewise, Dalton’s other notable acting credit include Army Wives (2012), Blue Bloods (2012), Killing Lincoln (2013), Jake and the Never Land Pirates (2015) and much more.

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