Brittany Force Not Married! But Boyfriend Is No Less Than Husband - Literally!

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Brittany Force Not Married! But Boyfriend Is No Less Than Husband - Literally!

National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) drag racer Brittany Force throttles the car while racing but has put her leg on the brake when it comes to her love life.

She is in a relationship with her boyfriend for several years now but hasn't leveled up her relationship status. What might be the reason behind the pause? 

Love Life, Boyfriend Less Husband

Despite having a hectic schedule, Brittany has managed to spent quality time with her boyfriend, Jim Underco. She often loves sharing her love life with boyfriend through social media.

Brittany came up publicly about her dating relationship sharing the picture with her boyfriend via Instagram on 5th September 2015. She shared the picture with her boyfriend on the auspicious occasion of her boyfriend's birthday.

Brittany Force with her boyfriend, Jim Underco (Photo: Brittany Force's Instagram)

However, in an interview with Arizona auto scene in February 2016, she baffled that she did not have a serious boyfriend but stated that she was dating and her full focus is on her career.

Nevertheless, after some months on 22 December 2016, she shared a picture with her boyfriend via Instagram accompanied by a romantic gesture for Jim that said:

'All I want for Christmas is you.'

It's likely the couple doesn't miss any of the occasion to celebrate it together as the couple was seen spending 2017's Valentine's day together at Universal Studio Hollywood.

Brittany later shared a video together with her boyfriend via Instagram where they were spotted having fun and enjoying each other's company immensely well.

Brittany Force with boyfriend, Jim Underco (Photo: Brittany Force's Instagram)

After some months on 23rd December 2017, the couple went on a vacation in Virginia city which Brittany shared on her Instagram.

Brittany usually flaunts her romantic life with her boyfriend, through which it can be gushed that the couple shares a great intimacy with each other.

Even though Brittany often flaunts her boyfriend through social media, Jim's social status and personal details remain beyond the reach of media.

Although it has come to light that the couple is together for almost two and a half years, they haven't manipulated their love life towards the married one. It's likely that Brittany's focus on her racing career tilts her focus from exchanging vows with her boyfriend.

But despite not getting married, her boyfriend is not less than husband as they spare most of the time together and are having a blissful relationship.

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