Colman Domingo Talks about Being Gay and his Family's Reaction to the revelation

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Colman Domingo Talks about Being Gay and his Family's Reaction to the revelation

Though his plays and his shows are sold out and known across America, Colman Domingo plays a character picturing life story of himself growing up in a household in Philadelphia in the 70s and 80s as a boy in search of his soul. Here we're talking about Coleman Domingo’s recent play A Boy and his Soul where he acts himself.

The Man Himself: 

His show is one that is a solo, knowing him in the essay he had written about his play about his life. The actor first graduated from Temple University with a degree in journalism. The forty-seven-year-old Broadway star soon moved to San Francisco, California where he first started acting, in theater productions. He has performed in stages such as Henry V as Duke Bourbon, Fences as Gabriel, and much more but the one that sparked our interest was one of his play, and solo show. A Boy and his Soul as he plays as himself going through Coleman Domingo soon acted in a list of T.V series such as the Law and Order series, Fear the Walking Dead, The Big Gay Sketch Show, etc.

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Family’s Reactions Him Coming Out.

He first came out gay to his closest family member, his brother, who is portraited in his play as well. Colman stated,

‘It’s an experience I’d like to add to the chorus,’ he says, ‘that these blue-collar, macho men, like my older brother, had the capacity to say: “I don’t care, I love you anyway.

Moreover, during an interview, Colman described vaguely about how his family reacted towards his revelation, Coleman didn’t hesitate, knowing there are others who were too afraid so he spoke a few word on their behalf saying on an interview on Advocate, saying, he said

 “I’ve been blessed with a loving family that has accepted me from the moment I came out, so I was always able to be myself, but there are a whole lot of gay men living in the shadows. I have some friends who are still dealing with that, and I think it’s a sad existence, but hopefully people like you and me can be inspirations to these guys.”

Dating Anyone Lately?

He has not been seen with anyone recently and by just riffling through his life's work on stage and on set he may be too busy concentrating on achieving his career path to be distracted by other men. Teaching other of his work more than falling in love, he has not been seen with anyone nor has he spoken about his likeness to a potential gay spouse, rather a relationship with his work and not much word is given towards himself as a reference.

He has his work cut out for him as his hit Broadway show of “A Boy and his Soul” as he plays the main character on the stage of that looks like the streets of Philadelphia working as a boy and towards his upbringing. Although he has not yet revealed his net worth, we can speculate it to be a splendid one, taking into account all his works throughout his career.