Corey Holcomb Still Married? Wife Who Understands His Offence Acts

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Corey Holcomb Still Married? Wife Who Understands His Offence Acts

A good laugh is a sunshine of life, right?

A spell of laughter stock with a magic wand at every possible reach leads to happy ending approach, but being a comedian and making people roll on the floor laughing is not as easy as we think. 

However, there is a man who rebuffs the attribute, and he is none other than Corey Holcomb, who allures the peeps with his arguable stand-up. Comedian cum RJ Corey Holcomb has made people get cramps laughing out loud in his whole life. 

Everybody is much acquainted with his profession and career but is yet to witness his life beyond the milestone. 

So here you have a chance get to know him more, as we are now providing all brief details about him, ranging from personal to professional life. 

So let's dive in!

Corey Holcomb's Married Life: How Does it Look Like?

Talking about his married life, Corbey is wedlock with Maya Holcomb. Corey and his wife Maya dated for years before deciding to exchange vows and smashed the wedding bells. His married life is as shimmering as his career as they assimilate each other fittingly. 

The couple shares three children together. The oldest one is their daughter as assured from his tweets, but other two kids remain out of the eyes of the media. Holcomb stated that his greatest joy in life comes from the success of his kids. He said:

"My oldest daughter is an honor student. My younger two kids are following in her footsteps. If I can create a legacy of strong and confident people, then I'm good with life".

In his Twitter handle, he also talks about his elder daughter in a funny way ever. He quoted:

Even though Corey keeps his wife and children as low-key as possible, his actions and social media clarify him to be a family man despite the success he enjoys, don't you think so?

Controversies Quotient?

The "wag" Corey is most buzzed-about on the internet about his outlandish jokes on women. He got lots of hating rant because of his manterrupting act, and folks started lashing out at him and his stand-up about women.

Another boom-Tweeple has to say a lot about this post:

But the whirlwind of controversies does not stop here!

He has also involved himself in a beef over the intense controversy of "Jess Hilarious" picture with a son. Corey alludes to picture with sexualized nudity, and Jess promptly clapped back. Take a look!

Caption: Corey Holcomb vs. Jess Hilarious Beef; controversy over Jess' image!(Published on Feb 27, 2017 ).

Here is the question popped: Which side you people are now?

Handful Support from His Wife:

Corey has been laced with controversies on social media about his self-hating statements. But, he has a gigantic reinforce from his wife, making everybody wonder if his better half is his partner in crime. Maya Holcomb does not feel offended by his jokes on women.

On a radio show, Corey was asked by RJ that What his wife thinks about his joke. To that question, Wag replied:

"she knows me well, she knew that it just an act of jokes." 

Caption: Corey's exclusive interview at "The Russ Parr Morning Show."

Video Credit: americaweb

Such a supporting wife!

Short Bio of Corey Holcomb: Adherent Comedian!

Corey Lamont Holcomb is an adherent comedian and an actor. He is an American native, born June 23, 1968, and raised in Chicago, Illinois.

Although his academics remain confined, it has come to light that he used to participate in drama and sports before landing his career as a comedian in 1992. 

In most of his performances, he portrays himself as "Ghetto Dr. Phill," and his stand up always rotates around marital relationships.

Also, he embarked himself as an actor. He acted as a guest star in the various sitcom like 'Half & Half,' Everybody Hates Chris, Tyler Perry's House Of Payne and Black Jesus. 

Despite, his comedy and acting profession, he is also an RJ host. As of now, he owns a show named "The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show." Having an ethnicity of African-American, he always has a word about the keynotes like racism and black economic development.

In reality, he is a dynamo who is an aisle to rigorous comedy events and tour schedule. He renders a dozen of stand-up shows per year in different nations. 

If you want a laughter dosage, stay alert, as Corey Holcomb may be in your city real soon! 

Caption: A list of Corey's upcoming shows and tours in 2018.

Photo Credit: ticketmaster

Although Holcomb currently enjoys a net worth of $2 million, he is on the way of making more in coming future from his tours and events!