Mother of two Daughters Taylor Dayne: Was She Married? Or Just Indulged With a Boyfriend? Regrets Plastic Surgery?

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Mother of two Daughters Taylor Dayne: Was She Married? Or Just Indulged With a Boyfriend? Regrets Plastic Surgery?

There is an old belief that a child needs both father and mother for a good upbringing. But this feeling has faded in recent times as numerous single women are providing excellent care to their little ones. Among those is singer Taylor Dayne who despite being unmarried and single is rearing the twin kids.

An American singer and songwriter, Taylor Dayne is an interesting person to read, who has lived every kind of situation in life. She experienced love and then, loneliness. She has gone through the feeling of beeing a Single parent. And lastly, she has seen her priorities change with the growing age.

Taylor’s Relation With The Twin Kids/Children:

The singer of famous track “Tell it to My Heart,” Taylor is a mother of two beautiful twin children, daughter, Astaria, and son, Levi who are fourteen now. If you didn’t know, in December 2002, Taylor had born these two children as a surrogate mother. 

The kids are still unknown about their father but that doesn’t make any difference in their lives. As their beautiful mother, Taylor is doing her best to keep them happy and contended.Taylor shared about her aspiration of making her daughter and son happy and accomplished in an interview with People babies in February 2009. She said,

“My biggest hope for them is to make sure they are happy, content, peaceful and satisfied, and successful people in this world.

Taylor isn’t only providing happiness for the children, but they are also giving her the best moments of life. In the same interview, Taylor shared how her kids make her life beautiful.

“They’re precocious, alive, fantastic, thoughtful, and every day they’re bringing home something new and different,”

No wonder Taylor is happy to raise her biological child as a single mother, and she often posts the picture of her kid's on her Instagram.And by seeing these picture of her kid's we can say they are one happy family.

Was she Married, Husband? Or had a Boyfriend, Dating?

According to her wiki page, Taylor never married anyone. Currently, she is too busy rearing her kids and flourishing career. Therefore, we don’t see chances of welcoming husband quite soon.

However, we don’t have information if the story is otherwise. Have you heard about her marriage or divorce?

Though she didn’t marry, Taylor had a past love relationship. Taylor was in relation with television actor, John Enos III. He was previously married to Jennie Lee but is single now. He has featured in the movies like Phone Booth; Everybody Wants to Be Italian and Toxic.

Caption: Taylor Dayne and ex-boyfriend John Enos III attending 'Instinct' Beverly Hills Premiere in 1999.


Taylor Regrets Her Plastic Surgery!

Taylor Dayne did surgery of her nose, eyes, fillers and boobs in her 20’s. In the young age, Taylor placed higher priorities in her external looks and did every possible thing to enhance her beauty. However, recently her priorities have changed. She shared in an interview with Daily Telegraph in October 2011 that internal beauty is more important than the superficial one.In her statement she said;

"But I am older now and have realized it is more important to be healthy on the inside and be fit and look after yourself, If you exercise and eat well and are positive in mind and body that makes a big difference to how you feel and look."

The actress has an estimated net worth of $4 million dollars which is highly contributed by her singing and acting career likewise;she also does various events which also add up to her income.