DeMario Jackson Wiki: The Man Whose Romance Debunked When Girlfriend Came Forth With On-Going Dating Affair

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DeMario Jackson Wiki: The Man Whose Romance Debunked When Girlfriend Came Forth With On-Going Dating Affair

He is the huge fan of a soul singer, Amy Winehouse, and is also the man amid various rumors, for now.

Confused who are we depicting? Well, he's none other than DeMario Jackson!

DeMario, who got framed as a villain in The Bachelorette 2017, became the reason for the delay of another reality TV show, Bachelor in Paradise recently.

The filming postponed, as the two producers of the show filed the misconduct complaints against DeMario and Corinne Olympios for involving in a sexual encounter on the first day of production.

Being in The Bachelorette, DeMario had to face a major dramatical scene with the arrival of a lady, who claimed to be his girlfriend and with that, he had to leave the show. So, who was the lady and were they involved in any dating affairs as the woman said? Let's dig in deeper for the truth!

The Romance That Didn't Find Its Place In The Bachelorette:

The Executive Recruiter, DeMario Jackson was supposed to be one of the strong contenders of The Bachelorette this season, but he ultimately got kicked out of the show, as he failed to remain in the good books of the Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay.

Rachel indeed got frustrated when she came to know about the past relationship of DeMario. The whole scene occurred in the second episode this season during a group dating.

While DeMario was making his effort to impress Rachel with his basketball skills, Rachel couldn't stop her heart from liking him, as she has a weakness for athletes.

However, her admiration for the man didn't last long, as a lady named Alexis Thexton appeared on the spot claiming her to be DeMario's girlfriend. Alexis further confronted them with evidence and told that she had a seven-month relationship with DeMario.

These all resulted in disappointment for Rachel, which became more intense when DeMario had no proper explanation to this. Thence, DeMario had to face early eviction.

Caption: Rachel asking DeMario to leave the show (Published on May 30, 2017).

DeMario later opened up about the incident with Melanie Bromley of  E! News and mentioned:

"It was crazy from the last season with the fake girlfriend. I was the villain for this, straight up. I was nervous, I was sweating [coming onto BiP]."

So, was DeMario, a victim of the unusual game plan? As per DeMario, it seems he was!

A Wiki-Like Bio Of DeMario Jackson:

Born on November 22, 1986, DeMario Jackson is 30 regarding his age. He is a Sagittarius man, who has a ripping height of 6 feet and 4 inches. The United States nationality is popular on Instagram with over 50,000 followers following him.

DeMario made his first Instagram post on April 28, 2017, which was a throwback to his sister graduating high school.


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He also made an Instagram post of him along with his mother from 1990 on May 5, 2017.


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He is now a reality star, who found his way when a producer for The Bachelorette captured his picture at the Century City; Chipotle while he was enjoying food with his friends.