Although Divorced, Mayte Garcia Pierced Tattoo in Memory Of Her Ex-Husband, Says He's With Their Baby Now

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Although Divorced, Mayte Garcia Pierced Tattoo in Memory Of Her Ex-Husband, Says He's With Their Baby Now

Belly dancing is quite popular in the Middle East and  Arabic countries. It is a tentative form of dance which only a few people can master and achieve success from it. Well, amongst those few people is the American-Puerto actress Mayte Gracia, who has spread her wings as one of the renowned belly dancer cum choreographers in the fame of Hollywood.

Despite gaining popularity as a dancer, she has also made headline recently through her tattoo which she claimed to pierce in the memory of her ex-husband for the sake of their baby. So, today we shall learn about her divorce issue along with her net worth.

Tattoo in Memory of Ex-Husband?

Mayte Garcia was married to the late musician Prince Rogers Nelson on the occasion of Valentine Day in the year 1996 at the age of 22 at Minneapolis after dating for around three years. As posted by on 14th February 1996, the wedding between the duo took place Park Avenue United Methodist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

The wedding commenced when the New Power Generation performed Kamasutra song which was written by Prince specifically for their marriage ceremony.

Caption: Mayte Gracia with Prince wedding 14th February 2004.


The wedding lasted for about 30 minutes in which the bride wore a white dress and a flower crown attached with a veil designed by the designer Bonnie Flesland. After accomplishing the vow exchange ceremony, the duo is said to have released white dove and departed from the venue for the reception in the white limousine. The pair is said to have honeymooned in Hawaii. 

Before getting married, the couple met in Spain. As posted by on 21st April 2016, the couple is said to have met at the concert in Spain when Garcia was 16 years old, when the lady’s mother gave the man the video cassette of her belly dancing. 

Since then the man is said to have fallen in knees for the women after he hired her for the purpose of Diamonds and Pearls tour.

The lady was enjoying her married life and was adoring her husband when she expressed her joys. She said:

"I can’t really pinpoint a time when it became romantic, I just think it evolved through the heavens, Being a wife, I loved it. He’s true to what you guys think, of course, he’s a human being.”

After getting married to the musician, the lady got pregnant, and at the end 1996, she gave birth to a son 16th October 1996 but unfortunately the little boy died a week later after suffering from the Pfeiffer syndrome. Relatively, the lady was pregnant with her second child, but the couple had to face the dismay of miscarriage in 1998.

On an interview posted by on 25th April 2016, she expressed her emotional trauma of losing two children of the man she loved. She said;

"To lose two babies is really scary, it really caught on me emotionally, physically, everything, It took me at least 15 years to get over it and still, to this day, I miss my son."

However, after losing another child in the year 2000, the couple got divorced. 

As posted by on  7th May 2016, the major downfall of the marriage was the loss of the child and the subsequent miscarriage.

On an interview posted by on 21st April 2016, the Lady revealed about her broken marriage and her situation after the separation. She said:

"When I got divorced, it was another culture shock. It was going from this world I had been into since the age of 16 to literally standing on the streets of New York in kind of shock, “I became a hermit. I didn't t go out much because I was scared to go out because you re so used to being protected.”

Well, the divorce and a loss of children were too much for the lady to bear. But however despite getting a divorce with the man she still had a soft corner for Prince until she revealed after the death of Prince at the age of 57 on 21st April 2016. The musician was discovered dead inside an elevator in Chanhassen, Minnesota at his Paisley Park Studios home. The cause of death is still a mystery.

The lady in the memory of her ex-husband decided to pierce a tattoo in his name. As posted by on 13th May 2013, the Lady revealed about getting a tattoo in honor of her ex-husband. She said:

“I’m gonna do a tattoo in honor of my ex-husband. I don’t like saying ex, because, in my world, I didn’t divorce him. He did, I didn’t. So thank you. Thank you for my loss. It sucks. It sucks.He is the father of my child. Prince forever.”

As posted by on 8th June 2016, the lady has displayed the tattoo which she had pierced in the memory of her husband and the father of her child. She has posted the entire scenario of her tattoo on her Instagram account.

Similarly, as posted by on 7th May 2016,  she has an adopted daughter Gia in the year 2013, whom she adopted after she revealed regarding her child loss to the public. In her statement she said;

"I opened up about losing my son and in return I gained a daughter."

She also often posts the picture of her daughter on her Instagram, and by this gesture of hers, we can say that Mayte loves her daughter unconditionally.


My love!! So happy she came with me today!!! #loveneverdies #alwayswithme

A photo posted by Mayte Garcia (@maytejannell) on

Well, this shows the lady was in real love with her husband despite moving away from the man. She considered the man to be a great guy somewhere is some corner of her heart she still had a soft corner despite having a divorce for 16 years. Currently, the lady seems to happy with her daughter in spite of losing two children in a row.

Know about her relations and current whereabouts?

After getting involved in the divorce with the musician, the lady got hitched with Tommy Lee in the year 2002. The star has not revealed her dating event with her boyfriend nor about the meeting events.

Caption: Mayte Gracia with Tom Lee(2002).


However, the lady has confirmed her relationship with the man their love for each other could not prolong for more than a year. And in the year 2003, the couple broke up their relation.

When speaking about the breakup, the lady took the entire load on her head. As posted by on 21st April 2016, she explained about her relationship with the man to be exciting accompanied by weirdness.She said:

"Our entire time together was amazing and surreal... But I think I’m now screwed for life because my first relationship was the most bizarre relationship ever and I’m not normal anymore. I’ve kind of been spoiled and I guess I am kind of screwed-up now.”

Similarly, as reported by, the lady is said to be in a relationship with Jimmy Federico, an actor since the year 2003. The lady has not disclosed anything about the relationship nor has been spotted together in any of the events.

But many of her fans were claiming that Mayte and Jimmy were in a relationship and used to date each other. But as there is no official statement made by both the couple we are in a dilemma whether or not they were in relation.

As the star has not disclosed anything about the man this might be a rumor or she may be secretly dating to the man.

Caption: Jimmy Federico whom the lady was supposed to date in 2003.


She is currently working as a bonafide actress working in the leading role of the widely hyped new US ABC series, Kingmakers. 

Mayte has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million which she has accumulated from working as an actress, dancer, and singer. Mayte spends much of her time with her daughter when she is off from her works.