Does The Mentalist Derren Brown Has A Partner Who Has Half Control To His Life? On Assignation With Gay Boyfriend

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Does The Mentalist Derren Brown Has A Partner Who Has Half Control To His Life? On Assignation With Gay Boyfriend

Coming out as gay can be hard for some individuals, whereas some people embrace the fact and reveal their sexuality with ease. Derren Brown, one of the top Mentalists of the world shared his life coming out of the closet with a long-term boyfriend but did it last to make a way to the aisle? Let's see if this mystery man that caught Derren's attention managed to stick around. 

A perfect partner:

The forty-five-year-old magician, Darren Brown proves aside from controlling minds, that he can have a love life too, as he revealed he had a boyfriend way back in 2008; a paper architect named Marc Hagan Guirey, last seen together at an event in 2014, during a special night gala celebrating Darren’s success of his then latest show.

Caption: Darren and his boyfriend Marc Hagan Guirey at a gala in 2014. 

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Derren and his boyfriend both had quite the private life and only made some rare public appearance. Derren does not entertain an Instagram account, so fans do not see them in pictures so often. Moreover, Derren also cleared out the confusion about him owning an Instagram account as fake id were swarming the internet.

Apart from the gala appearance, both were spotted in 2012, when they were caught out on a midnight stroll together as the lovers embrace together to keep warm while heading towards their designated destination.

Caption: Darren and his boyfriend again in London, taking a stroll in the cold together in 2012.

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His first embrace of the gay lifestyle.

Darren Brown, being a magician surely had a long line of girls and mind you; he still has loads of girls who have a crush on him. However, the dreams of all the girls came to an end with his single interview in 2008 where Derren revealed that he was already in a perfect relationship with a man.

'I've been with my partner for about a year and it's perfect.’

His revelation was accompanied by sincere apology to hundreds and thousands of girl fans where he expressed,

'I'm desperately sorry to the girls who may have had a crush on me. If any of them want to try and turn me... no, no, I shouldn't say that.'

That was not all. He even encouraged everyone in being true to themselves. He said,

'Coming out when you are in the public eye is one of those things that isn't an issue to yourself, your friends and your family. But you have to be open and up front.’

He continued,

'You should always come out; life is so much easier. People generally aren't as bothered by your intimate secrets as you are. If anything, I was disappointed to learn that it wasn't much of a surprise. Possibly my penchant for interior decor had given the game away.'


He told his family and close friends first in 2007 and only came out to the public fans a year later. Derren was not sure about his sexuality at first, and indulged in the Living Waters movement, a church that claimed to bath away the attraction of the same sex saying,

'I did go through an area of the church that was trying to "cure" gay people. It was rather misjudged. I was aware of that and kind of flirted a bit with that.”

Moreover, he added,

'It was more interesting than, "Read your Bible and all your problems will go away." It had a bit of depth and psychology to it, but it was just based on a false premise. When I got to my early 30s I realised that it [being gay] wasn’t going to go away.’’

Caption: Derren Brown Talks About Being Gay in the show Alan Carr Chatty Man on March 11, 2014.

Still together?

As Darren and Marc possessed a quiet affair, not much was known about their activities. He said how hard it was to stay away from partner and knowing that just imagine that how Derren would feel like if he and boyfriend went separate ways. He expressed,

“It’s tricky when you’re in a relationship. It’s a common thing with performers – you don’t see your partner for months and then it takes a while, especially for the one who’s been at home, to get used to being back together again. And if big things are going on in your partner’s life and you’re not around to support them, that’s hard too. We’re both very independent and have our own creative things going on, which helps a lot, but we’re going to make more of effort next year to see each other on the road.’’

All this time we could only assume that the couple was still together but the man who once found it hard leaving behind partner while on the road is no more in a relationship.

In an interview with the Guardian, Derren opened up about the night they split. He said,

“Oh, with this breakup? Obviously, horrible night. That thing of waking up …”

However, Derren seems to have split with longtime boyfriend and got the feeling related to it under control. A world-renowned mentalist like him should be able to have control over his emotions no matter how severe they are and by doing so, Derren has maintained his level of professionalism. We hope that he finds love again and that too very soon.

Net worth and Bio:

Born in South London, Derren Brown, according to his wiki, started performing stage hypnosis in 1992, under the stage name Derren V. Brown in the “University of Bristol.” Few years after perfecting his craft, he was recognized on British television series Trick of the Mind and Trick or Treat including other T.V. series regarding magic related shows, but in 2000 he started his series called “Derren Brown: Mind Control.” Known for his mind tricks, Derren soon published multiple books such as “Absolute Magic,” “Pure Effect,” “Tricks of the Mind,” and “Confessions of a Conjuror” gaining him a large net worth of $7.5 million. His recent endeavors include a new series describing as "ambitious sociological experiment, in which an unwitting subject is a single person, a crowd, or even an entire town" that aired first on October 21, 2011.